Belarus Banned from Eurovision Because Band Supports Their Own Government

I have no idea what they’re saying, but it’s apparently some hardcore mean stuff

The government of Belarus is pure evil.

They’re so evil in fact that they didn’t even do a lockdown to stop people from dying of the coronavirus.

Imagine if a little baby wanted to play in the freeway and his mommy said “okay, have fun playing in the freeway, son.”

That is what the Belarus government is like. Instead of trapping people in their houses and closing down all businesses, they allowed people to go outside during the deadly and never-ending coronavirus pandemic.

That is what democracy is all about: the government protecting people from their own choices.

Anyone who supports a non-democracy government is pure evil.


Belarus has been disqualified from the Eurovision Song Contest for twice fielding songs deemed to have broken the rules of the competition.

The country was told to submit a new song two weeks ago over concerns their entry had a political subtext.

But the re-submission, by the same group, has now also been deemed inappropriate by contest organisers.

The band, Galasy ZMesta, is known for mocking anti-government protests.

Large-scale demonstrations took place across Belarus last year after Alexander Lukashenko claimed victory in a disputed presidential election.

These people want total censorship for arbitrary reasons.

I Will Teach You, a song by Galasy ZMesta, featured lyrics such as “I will teach you to toe the line”, prompting a backlash from opposition figures.

Many worried that allowing such a song would legitimise Mr Lukashenko’s violent suppression of protesters.

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the organisers of Eurovision, agreed the lyrics were inappropriate and ordered that Belarus re-submit their entry if they wanted to take part in May.

Mr Lukashenko weighed in on the controversy himself.

“They are starting to press us on all fronts. Even at Eurovision, I see,” he said.

“We’ll make another song,” he added. “You see that this is all politicised.”
How did Eurovision organisers respond?

Belarus went back to the drawing board, but their re-submission has now also been rejected.

In a statement, the EBU said it had “carefully scrutinised the new entry to assess its eligibility to compete.”

However, “it was concluded that the new submission was also in breach of the rules of the competition that ensure the Contest is not instrumentalised or brought into disrepute”.

Previous winner of this “reputable” spectacle

“Regrettably, Belarus will not be participating in the 65th Eurovision Song Contest in May,” it added.
What has been happening in Belarus?

The disputed election in August led to a political crisis in Belarus.

The main opposition leader, Svetlana Tikhanovskaya, said she had attracted between 60 and 70% of the vote but was forced into exile in neighbouring Lithuania immediately after the vote.

This claim was backed up by absolutely no evidence. This bitch is just a total NATO shill.

Belarus is a free country. They could do polling. No one is stopping the Jewish media from getting a phone number list from Belarus and doing a poll in the country.

This was a normal, traditional election with paper ballots at local polling places.

How on earth would it be possible for Lukashenko to get 80% of the vote, if in reality, the bitch won with 60-70%?

The same people telling us that this paper ballot election in Belarus was more than 50% fraud are telling us that it was impossible to do fraud through the mail-in system in America.

This is just total drooling retard nonsense – on both ends.

Large scale fraud is impossible in a normal paper ballot election, and large scale fraud is basically inevitable in a mail-in election.

And just on the face of it – Belarus is an old school Slav country, with masculine men and women who aren’t fat.

Which is more likely – that they voted for the fat bitch who wants to sell the country out to foreign corporations, flood the place with Moslems and promote gay anal to children, or for the patriarchal strongman?

Everything these people say is a lie.

The Man Himself said it best.