Belgium: City Cancels Event with Alternative Black Woman Santa Claus Draped in Palestinian Flag

This is so cringy…

Oh, sorry – I thought everything was nigger-vagina mania.

You drape it in a Palestinian flag, and all of a sudden we’re back to white supremacy?

Are all of these ideologies completely fake, and just a way for Jews to hurt white, Christian society?

Because I’m really starting to wonder…

Daily Mail:

A Belgian city has cancelled its plans for a black female Santa Claus to hand out presents to children after critics labelled the event as ‘woker than woke’.

Queen Nikkolah, an African alternative to the Belgian Santa Claus – Sinterklaas – was also set to be draped in the colours of a Palestinian flag.

The character, dreamt up by artist Laura Nsengiyumva who called for Belgium to be liberated from ‘colonial ideology’, was set to visit the town hall until the mayor of Ghent caved into pressure to cancel the event.

‘There is nothing wrong with Sinterklaas, as we know him,’ Mathias de Clercq said. ‘We shouldn’t try to turn him into something else.’

The character of Queen Nikkolah was created to provide children with revised versions of traditional Christmas tales about Sinterklaas.

‘People see Queen Nikkolah as a threat,’ said Ms Nsengiyumva, who created the character in 2017.

‘But if I didn’t like this tradition, I wouldn’t have picked it up. It’s also a desire to be part of it.’

She added: ‘It came from a need from the community, not only people of colour, but I think also white allies who needed an alternative to deconstruct the colonial myth around Sinterklaas.

‘I dream of a Belgium liberated from colonial ideology and a society without discrimination.’

Okay, well, I obviously don’t support this in any way (except the Palestine flag).

But the Dutch government did, until there was a Palestine flag on it. Then it became evil.

So, help me out here.

What are the actual rules here?

Are women and blacks and especially black women gods who can do no wrong? Or is that only the case if they don’t criticize the Jews?

I just think we need to be clear about what the fuck is actually going on here, huh?

Here’s a serious in-depth analysis from a totally serious media outlet