Belgium: Moslems Vandalize, Burn Down Schools After “Sexual Education” Made Mandatory

“Four schools burned in one night”

I’m really starting to think that an Islamic takeover of Europe may be the only solution.

Just as long as I can still worship Jesus and import ultra-refined reposado, I don’t really see any downsides to it.


Belgian Prime Minister Alexander De Croo said on Friday that he will seek the help of government experts on extremism in the wake of a series of school arsons. Officials believe the attacks are connected to a controversial sexual education school program.

De Croo spoke just hours after a sixth school in the French-speaking Wallonia region was torched this week. Signs protesting the so-called Evras program were discovered in some of the schools, according to authorities.

The program is a required four hours of training for students aged 11 to 12 and 15 to 16, intended to help them develop their relational and sexual lives. The program had been around and available for all age groups for years, but was not compulsory until now.

“In a democracy like ours, we will never allow our schools to be a target,” De Croo said. “We live in a country of tolerance, and tolerance means we can have a debate, different points of view, but it can never lead to violence, especially in places frequented by our children.”

It’s just disinformation, goy

Interior Minister Annelies Verlinden on Friday called for a halt to the attacks.

“We don’t touch our schools,” Verlinden said during a news conference with De Croo. “It’s a red line.”

De Croo said he has asked the body in charge of processing intelligence on “terror, extremism and radicalization” to analyze the situation, and Verlinden said she’s asked the federal police to provide support to local forces in the affected region.

No one has claimed responsibility for the fires set to the six schools, and no suspect have been arrested. This year, around 100,000 students in the Wallonia-Brussels federation are required to attend the two sessions for a total of four hours of training.

Protests, with a few hundred people taking part, have also been organized in Brussels.

Several Islamic groups have also condemned the program in a joint statement, fearing it will favor “hypersexualization” of children.

I know I’ve said it millions of times, but if Moslems aren’t allowed to practice their culture in Europe, then why is it called “multiculturalism”?

If Europeans hate everything about Moslem culture, why did they import tens of millions of them?

It’s just not logical.

If I were Belgian, this is who I’d vote for