Germany: Fat Woman Minister Wants to Let Rapefugees Vote in Local Elections 6 Months After Arrival

Frankly, if we’re following the ideology of “citizenship is just a piece of paper,” then there is no logical counter to the notion that any rando who walks across the German border should be allowed to vote in elections.

Of course, the left wants this because they know the immigrants will vote for them. But unless the right is willing to say “German citizenship is based on blood,” then they do not really have an argument against this.


With Germany’s left-wing government sinking in the polls over a spiraling migration crisis and an economy in free fall, the left is starting to run low on voters. German Interior Minister Nancy Faeser may have the solution to the problem: Give asylum seekers the right to vote in local state elections after just six months in Germany. The program, if implemented, would translate into millions of new voters overnight.

“We want to work hard at the federal level and in the Bundesrat to ensure that all people who live in Hessian municipalities for more than six months are given the right to vote in local elections,” describes the election program from her Social Democrats (SPD) in the state of Hesse where Faeser is currently up for election.

According to the government’s own data, the over 1 million people who arrived in Germany from Ukraine, the MIddle East, Asia, and Africa, would immediately gain voting rights across Germany.

Currently, the right to vote in local elections only applies to citizens from other EU countries.

Bild newspaper asked the SPD to clarify what the massive expansion of voting rights would actually mean. An SPD spokesman responded that the party’s statement should have specifically defined the new voters as those “who have a permanent residence permit.” However, this would still apply to a range of asylum seekers from countries such as Syria, Afghanistan and Eritrea.

At this point, it doesn’t even matter.

Voting is retarded. The government is going to do whatever they want to do regardless.

The German courts have already made it clear that if AfD were ever to get close to power, they would just arrest them. This happened with the Golden Dawn in Greece – the party played by all the rules, then their leaders were all just rounded up and put in prison on totally spurious charges.