Best Korea Lays Siege to Worst Korea Using Balloon Warfare

Balloons are the new missiles.

This year in weapon fashion, it’s all about balloons.

The balloon is the new nuke.

ABC News:

Around 260 air balloons carrying bags of manure and trash have been spotted across South Korea on Wednesday after they were sent over the border from North Korea.

The incident is reportedly stems from an incident on Sunday when North Korea criticized civic groups in Seoul for sending propaganda leaflets across the border first and subsequently threatened to send filth balloons back to South Korea as a countermeasure.

The regime in North Korea has long complained about this type of action as civic groups have been known to send rice, essential medicine and leaflets accusing the North Korean regime of dictatorship.

The group has been using air balloons for years and reportedly mainly consist of North Korean defectors living in Seoul who are trying to inform the people of North Korea.

This is not the first time North Korea has sent filth balloons to their southern neighbors — the regime did the same back in 2016 in response to action taken by civic groups performing the same kinds of stunts.

I will never forgive Tucker Carlson for going along with the Biden Administration narrative that that Chinese weather balloon was actually a “spy balloon.”

Tucker has done a lot of really good stuff since then. He interviewed Putin, he condemned the sickening baby-killing Jews. He did something else I liked a lot that I forget now.

Anyway, “spy balloon” is the most retarded concept ever. This is the current year. It’s like saying someone is going to enter a horse into a Formula 1 race. This is the age of satellites, there is no such thing as a “spy balloon.” And Tucker swallowing the Joe Biden line on that – and then somehow claiming that Joe Biden was working with the balloons – made me sick.

But yeah, balloons are good for sending shit and filth to your filth-shit capitalist neighbors.

But… I don’t really think this new story is real, tbh.

The real question is: why is the vaginal democracy of South Korea afraid of “propaganda pamphlets” from North Korea?

Why would that be a threat…? Unless…?

North Korea is a much better country, where people have way more freedom and happiness, and that can be explained in a convincing way in a short leaflet?

If that’s the case, then I’d say South Korea’s days are numbered.

How long can they prevent the people from learning that there are no incels in North Korea?