Biracial Jew Chink Demands Facebook Suppress Last Remnants of White Free Speech

Daily Stormer
November 23, 2019

Sad hybrid Julia Carrie Wong is demanding that Facebook suppress the last remnants of white free speech on the normie internet.

This ridiculous creature (by her own description a “Biracial Jew Chink”) considers it unacceptable that white people still have some imaginary spaces where they are allowed to congregate and organize in defense of their own interests.

The Guardian:

A Guardian analysis found longstanding Facebook pages for VDare, a white nationalist website focused on opposition to immigration; the Affirmative Right, a rebranding of Richard Spencer’s blog Alternative Right, which helped launch the “alt-right” movement; and American Free Press, a newsletter founded by the white supremacist Willis Carto, in addition to multiple pages associated with Red Ice TV. Also operating openly on the platform are two Holocaust denial organizations, the Committee for Open Debate on the Holocaust and the Institute for Historical Review.

“There’s no question that every single one of these groups is a white nationalist group,” said Heidi Beirich, the director of the Southern Poverty Law Center’s (SPLC) Intelligence Project, after reviewing the Guardian’s findings. “It’s not even up for debate. There’s really no excuse for not removing this material.”

Red Ice TV is “a group that styles themselves as a news organization when they are primarily a political organization, and the politics are staunchly white supremacist”, Donovan said. “We have seen this happen in the past where organizations like the KKK have produced their own newspapers … It doesn’t mean that it qualifies as news.”

Styling itself as “a news organization when they are primarily a political organization” is, of course, a description that could be justly applied to the Guardian newspaper itself. And its politics are staunchly white eradicationist.

Wong thinks it’s terrible that some of the white people whose speech she wants to suppress are able to talk back to her on the internet. She may lock her Twitter account to escape the terrible oppression of white people being able to talk back.

This is another example of the narcissistic elite victimhood narrative that has become fashionable in recent years. From the platforms of power, whether the halls of government, the courts, or high-profile publications, the rulers stamp on our faces and demand the suppression of our basic freedoms. When we utter a few pathetic peeps of complaint, they say we have oppressed them with our bad words.

It’s a striking thing that journalists are now the leading proponents of the suppression of speech. They have long liked to bleat about “freedom of the press,” but their conception of what that means seems extraordinarily narrow. It’s not freedom of speech for everyone they value, only the small elite circle of which they form a part. And they actively mobilize, and see it as their mission, to crush the speech and destroy the livelihoods of political dissidents.

Many hybrids seem to be angst-ridden people, uncomfortable in their own skin. This is no doubt for the simple reason that most others, including, and perhaps especially, members of the two tribes from which their genetic material has been appropriated, find them repulsive to behold.

Wong has written movingly, (or amusingly, depending on your perspective) of the sheer physical repulsion that she tends to inspire in others, including her own family members.


Gagging is an intimate act. An object must make its way to the soft tissue at the back of our throats to trigger the complex set of neural reactions required.  We don’t gag until the offending object is about to enter our bodies.  It’s a last line of defense, learned in infancy, keeping us safe.

I asked if you’ve ever gagged at a family. What I really meant was have you ever gagged at your own?

Many of us in interracial families deal with that gag reflex in person, in our families, among friends.  With 87 percent of Americans expressing approval of interracial marriage between blacks and whites in a recent Gallup poll, I’m hopeful that fewer mothers of multiracial children will be accosted in grocery stores by hostile white men asking, “Where did you get that child?” as my (white, Jewish) mother was about me, her brown-skinned, half-Chinese daughter.  But the disapprobation of strangers can’t wound us half as deeply as that of our own relatives.

I was only a baby when my grandmother returned home from a dinner party, shaken and upset.  My grandfather, she told my mom, had gotten in a fist fight with his own brother.   This brother, my great-uncle, had called my sisters and me “half-breeds.”

This gag reflex may be defensive behavior hard-coded by evolution, as the organism recoils in horror from the spectacle of its own dissolution and the genetic betrayal that the hybrid embodies.

The hybrid feels excluded from all tribes. And therefore seeks to deny the sense of tribal belonging to others. If they can’t have it, why should anyone else? This may be part of the Jew mindset more generally, as for all their pretense and religious affirmation of ethnic purity, deep down the Jew knows he is a mongrel.

Wong yearns for what she cannot have, the affirmation of her ethnic peoplehood.

So bereft is she of any genuine sense of belonging that when an AI analyzed her image and classed her as a “gook,” she felt pleased.

The Guardian:

I found myself both oddly upset and oddly relieved to be labeled a gook. As a biracial “Jew chink” (yes, Shane Gillis, we actually exist outside your pathetic punchlines) with brownish skin and a bony nose, people usually assume that I’m any ethnicity but Chinese. Having a piece of technology affirm my identity with a racist and dehumanizing slur is strange.

She pines for her lost Chinkness, and feels no shame in this. She does not see her wish to affirm her ancestral identity as sordid or immoral. It is only when ethnic Europeans wish to affirm their ancestral identity that the urge becomes wicked and shameful.

Brown Privilege means being able to indulge your racism without stint, without shame and without fear of repercussion. Imagine this tweet with the races reversed.

No doubt Wong will treat us all to a follow-up account of the harrowing ordeal she endured when some of the white people whose speech she wanted to suppress, and whose existence she wanted to eradicate, were able to spot what she was doing and talk about it among themselves in obscure places on the internet.