Bibi Says Campaign Against Rafah to Proceed Despite International Pressure

I guess everyone needs to be reminded multiple times per day that the US government could stop this slaughter at any time with a 30-second phone call to Bibi Netanyahu.

They sent out Kamala Harris to say “we’re calling for a ceasefire” and it’s like bitch, you people could literally at any time call Bibi and tell him “you have to do a ceasefire.”

All of the money and the protection is coming from the United States.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Sunday he would keep on with the military campaign against Hamas in Gaza, where aid agencies say famine is looming, while ceasefire talks were set to resume.

Netanyahu told a cabinet meeting that Israel would push into Rafah, the last relatively safe place in the tiny, crowded Gaza enclave after more than five months of war, despite international pressure for Israel to avoid civilian casualties.

We will operate in Rafah. This will take several weeks, and it will happen,” he said, without clarifying if he meant the assault would last for weeks or would begin in weeks.

He later said after meeting German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Jerusalem that Israel would not leave civilians trapped in Rafah when its forces begin their assault.

Israel’s allies have piled pressure on Netanyahu not to attack Rafah, where more than a million displaced people from other parts of the devastated enclave have sought shelter, without a plan to protect civilians.

At a joint news conference, Scholz said he had spoken with Netanyahu about the need to provide comprehensive humanitarian aid to the people in Gaza.

“We cannot stand by and watch Palestinians risk starvation,” Scholz said, echoing a call from European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen, visiting neighbouring Egypt at the same time, for a ceasefire deal and more aid for Gaza.

“It is critical to achieve an agreement on a ceasefire rapidly now that frees (Israel’s) hostages and allows more humanitarian aid to reach Gaza,” von der Leyen said after meeting Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

At the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu had hit out at his allies, saying: “Are your memories that short? Have you so quickly forgotten October 7, the most horrific massacre of Jews since the Holocaust? Are you so quick to deny Israel the right to defend itself against the Hamas monsters?“.

Wow, he invoked the Holocaust?

Wow, I would never have expected him to go there.