Bibi Tells Republicans Gaza Genocide Will Continue

It’s unclear to me what most Republican voters think about this Jewish slaughter.

But we know what all Republican politicians think about it.


Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told U.S. Republican senators on Wednesday that Israel will continue its efforts to defeat the Palestinian militant group Hamas in the Gaza Strip, senators told reporters after he addressed a party lunch.

He’s going to do what he said he’s going to do. He’s going to finish it,” Senator Jim Risch said.

Finish what?

Killing all the people in Gaza, except Hamas?

There remains no evidence that Israel has had a significant impact on Hamas. They just kill random children. Now they’re going to start a massive assault against Rafah, the last place that isn’t completely destroyed, despite the fact that they do not have control over the ruins of Gaza City.

They’re still just running around the place like bandits, doing weird shit like forcing journalists and nurses to get naked.

They don’t even have control over their northern border, where people remain evacuated because of Hezbollah rockets.

How can this possibly ever end?

The conservative Israeli leader spoke to Republicans via videolink nearly a week after the Senate’s Democratic majority leader, Chuck Schumer, gave a Senate speech branding Netanyahu an obstacle to peace and urging new elections in Israel.

Wednesday’s meeting underscored the politicization of Washington’s Israel policy. Netanyahu has long been aligned with Republicans, who accuse Schumer of seeking to overthrow the Israeli leader.

“We asked … him for an update and we got it on the war, on the release of the hostages and in the efforts to defeat Hamas. We told him Israel has every right to defend themselves and he said that’s exactly what they continue to do,” Senator John Barrasso said.

It’s all so boring and contrived.

Everything is a big lie and a hoax. Literally everything.

Why are these Republicans so obsessed with Israel? Don’t people wonder about that? Doesn’t it seem a little bit odd that America would be risking basically all of their national interests, alienating the whole world, risking a massive war and other forms of violent blowback, in order to help a foreign country murder random people?

Don’t people who are not “antisemites” think this is weird?

Can’t they just look up what “AIPAC” is, and read about how it controls the US government’s foreign policy?

Is this not all very straightforward?