Biden and Videodromyr Zelenskieyeii to Sign 10-Year “Bilateral Security Agreement” Blood Pact

It sure as hell looked like the US was ready to do the obvious thing and ditch the Ukraine debacle.

Instead they’re signing an agreement for a 10-year war with Russia?

What is the… I just don’t…

Russia has warships in Cuba right now. These people are serious adults.

Is there a single person involved in US policy who could be referred to as a “serious adult”? Is there anyone you would not define as a “serious freak”?

Remove the context for a minute.

Like, what if you went to a parent-teacher meeting and found the school was being run by Antony Blinken, Joe Biden, and Jake Sullivan.

Would you keep your kid in that school?

The Guardian:

Joe Biden and Volodymyr Zelenskiy will sign a 10-year bilateral security agreement at the G7 summit in Italy, as arguments continued on the sidelines about how the west can provide a Donald Trump-proof $50bn loan to Ukraine.

Kyiv has signed 15 bilateral security agreements with other countries since the full-scale Russian invasion began in 2022, including with the UK, France, Germany and Italy. The US-Ukraine agreement does not require the authorisation of Congress and could be undone by a future Trump administration. Biden has said previously that guarantees for Ukraine would be equivalent to those to Israel, covering financial and military assistance as well as the possibility of the joint weapons production.

The two leaders will hold a press conference later on Thursday, where differences over a timetable for Ukraine’s bid to join Nato and the introduction of foreign military trainers inside Ukraine are likely to be on view. The bilateral agreements have been seen in Ukraine as a stopgap on the road to joining Nato.

Ukraine will also sign a bilateral deal with Japan on Thursday.

The document with the United States will be unprecedented, as it should be for leaders who support Ukraine,” Zelenskiy said.

The bilateral security agreements state that in the event of a future Russian attack against Ukraine, the parties will consult within 24 hours to determine measures to counter and deter the aggression. A future attack is not defined.

How does Israel feel about this, I wonder?

Israel is hellbent on the US starting a major war with Iran on her behalf.

The US cannot even manage the Ukraine war as-is.

Remember when they told you the Ukraine was doing a “counter offensive” and was going to quickly take back Crimea? And then it was just a complete slaughter, with something like 10 Ukie deaths for every one Russian death?

And then Russia ended up with more territory than they had before the offensive?

At least half a million Ukrainian soldiers are dead.

Zelensky is begging people who fled to come home to go die for no reason in an unwinnable war.

The US response is: “Lemme go ahead and order 10 more years of this.”