Biden Bill Would Give Three Times as Much to the Ukraine as to the Border

Major spending bills rarely hang around this long. They usually quickly get reworked until there is an agreement, because everyone wants their money.

It doesn’t seem like it’s happening.


The US Senate released the text of a long-awaited national security supplemental on Sunday, which pairs provisions for tougher border security with foreign aid to Ukraine, Israel and Taiwan. The initial vote on the legislation is expected by midweek.

Out of the $118 billion package, more than a half – roughly $60 billion – is allocated for military aid to Ukraine. Another $14 billion is destined for Israel and $4.8 billion to support Washington’s Indo-Pacific “partners” amid tensions with China.

A further $10 billion will go towards humanitarian assistance for civilians in Gaza, the West Bank and Ukraine.

The overall cost of the proposed border policy changes comes to just over $20 billion, which could cover transportation for deportation, shelters and more than 4,000 new asylum officers.

President Biden immediately expressed his “strong support” for the legislation in a statement released on Sunday, claiming that the agreement was reached “on a bipartisan national security deal that includes the toughest and fairest set of border reforms in decades.”

The US leader specifically emphasized two “important priorities” that would allow the United States and partners “to continue our vital work,” referring to aid for Ukraine and Israel, urging the Congress to “swiftly pass” the bill.

It is strange Biden is making these statements about the border. But that might just be basic election year talk.

Where is the Ukraine supposed to get the army to fight, even if the US can find the ammo?

It doesn’t make sense. It seems like the bill is intended to be stuck forever.