Brandon Lashes Out After Special Counsel Labels Him “Well-Meaning, Elderly Man with a Poor Memory”

It probably would have been better for him if the counselor had simply said he was a criminal.

New York Times:

President Biden angrily hit back against a special counsel’s report on his handling of classified documents on Thursday, denying that he willfully retained papers that he was not entitled to keep and insisting that “my memory is fine” despite questions raised by the prosecutors.

In a hurriedly arranged nighttime televised appearance at the White House, a defiant Mr. Biden offered a feisty defense of his actions and his capacity to run the country, an effort to quell concerns that could hurt his chances for re-election at a time when polls show most voters already think he is too old. The report called him a “well-meaning, elderly man with a poor memory,” a line that clearly got under the president’s skin.

He didn’t remember when his son died.

Not a good look.

His video made it worse. Among other things, he referred to General Sisi (the leader of Egypt) as “The President of Mexico.”

The whispering thing about his dead son was horrible.

He looked feeble, he was mumbling, his eyes were rolling around in his head. During the Q&A, he looked totally confused, like he didn’t know where he was.

The guy is a mess. Most people his age are in nursing homes or dead.