Biden Says Indians are “Taking Over the Country”

The problem with Joe Biden’s “gaffes” is that they’re often true statements that you’re not supposed to make.


President Joe Biden joked that Indian-American people were taking over the United States during a call with a NASA team on Thursday.

Biden spoke about Indian-Americans as he talked with Dr. Swati Mohan, an Indian-American scientist who played a role in helping land a rover on Mars last week

“It’s amazing. Indian of decent Americans are taking over the country,” Biden said. “You, my vice president, my speechwriter Vinay.”

Vice President Kamala Harris’s mother immigrated to the United States from India. Biden’s speechwriter Vinay Reddy is also an Indian-American from Ohio.

Yeah, they are indeed everywhere. They’re also taking over the right-wing.

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This is the problem with allowing a high IQ population that isn’t insular in the way yellow Asians are insular. It’s obviously easy to just stand up and take over the country, especially when you’re allowed all of these “diversity” benefits.

During his call with the NASA team at the White House, Biden appeared to lose track of his instructions during the video call.

“Am I supposed to speak now?” he asked, looking confused to a member of his staff during the call.

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory director Michael Watkins continued speaking as Biden looked around.

“Now am I supposed to speak? Or is Swati supposed to say something? I was told I was supposed to speak with Swati,” he said.

Watkins ultimately spoke to Biden, prompting the president to grin.

“You restored a dose of confidence in the American people. They’re beginning to wonder about us,” Biden said.


People for sure are wondering about something.

Still better than Jews