Brandon: “We Shouldn’t Have Gone Into Ukraine”

This is being framed as “yet another gaffe.”

But could it be a Freudian slip?

Methinks there must be people around Biden saying “we shouldn’t have gone into the Ukraine.”

Especially now that Nuland is gone, there must be people saying that.


US president Joe Biden has committed another gaffe to the public record. In the course of an interview with MSNBC on Saturday Biden said that Washington had made a mistake by going into Ukraine when in fact he was referring to the US invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan.

Biden had meant to offer criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who, by ignoring civilian casualties during the IDF’s military operation in Gaza, is “hurting Israel more than he’s helping Israel.”

The US leader recalled how, during his visit to Israel early in the conflict, he had warned Netanyahu against making a “mistake” that the US made after 9/11.

“America made a mistake. We went after Osama bin Laden until we got him, but we shouldn’t have gone into Ukraine…” the 81-year-old said.

Speaking of Brandon and the Ukraine, here’s an interesting clip from the vault.