Bill White Sentenced to 17 Years for Alleged Email Threats

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
November 23, 2014

Bill White in better times.
Bill White in better times.

Bill White, the former leader of just got handed down a 17 and a half year prison sentence for alleged email threats, CBSMiami reports.

Bill was arrested in 2012 after fleeing to Mexico. He was convicted in September of sending threats with the intent to extort and using personal information without lawful authority in furtherance of a crime of violence.

It is alleged that he sent the emails to former State Attorney Lawson Lamar, Circuit Judge Walter Komanski and an FBI task force agent in May of 2012. Supposedly, the emails also threatened family members. The threats were connected to the Matt Hale case.

Getting arrested in Mexico
Bill White was apprehended at a Mexican Walmart

The sentences, handed down by a federal judge in Orlando on Friday, will be served consecutively with the 8 year federal sentence he had already received in relation to various other alleged email threats.

The Lesson Here

They will get you on anything they can get you on. The thing then is to not do anything they can get you on. Bill White pushed everything too far, and they got him.

Looking at this case, you can hopefully understand why it is we here at the Daily Stormer are so strict about not allowing any sort of violence to be promoted in the comments section.