Billionaires Collectively Made $3.9 Trillion Between March 18 and December 31, 2020

People see that the billionaires supported the coronavirus lockdown.

People know that:

  1. All of the billionaires that are visible in America supported it, other than Elon Musk.
  2. Bill Gates is literally the figurehead of the lockdown movement, and claims to have, through his charity, invented the concept of closing everything down as a response. Bezos owns Washington Post, which is one of the three key sources in the world of disinformation about this virus. The other tech billionaires engaged in mass, coordinated censorship of anyone disagreeing with the panic and the response to it.
  3. The billionaires of the world made trillions of dollars from the virus lockdown.

What we are told is that this is all a coincidence.

Does that make sense to you? 

Do you remember when Bill Cosby admitted to giving women pills to make them fall asleep and then having sex with them afterward, but claimed the two things were not related? He said they seemed like they needed something to help them sleep, but then they had sex with him voluntarily, after he’d given them the knock-out pills?

Seems a bit like that, no? 

Business Insider:

A new report from Oxfam found that the world’s billionaires didn’t just recoup losses from the coronavirus: Their collective wealth increase could pay for the entire world’s vaccinations and prevent anyone from falling into poverty.

“The increase in the wealth of the 10 richest billionaires since the crisis began is more than enough to prevent anyone on Earth from falling into poverty because of the virus and to pay for a COVID-19 vaccine for all,” the report said.

Worldwide, billionaires saw their wealth increase by $3.9 trillion between March 18 and December 31, 2020. While billionaires saw initial losses at the start of the pandemic — like millions of others around the globe — the report says they had recovered all losses by November.

Meanwhile, recovery for those at the bottom could take up to a decade; the report also estimates that between 200 million to 500 million people may have fallen into poverty during 2020.

This “they could pay for the vaccine” angle is obviously intended to frame the conversation around that, as a distractionist tactic. (And probably because they’re eventually going to fund some global vaccine drive.)

That’s bullshit. Forget that.

Just think about the bigger picture here:

Where is that money supposed to have come from?

Remember: the middle and working classes lost their money over this period. There’s only so many trillions of dollars in the world.

It’s the same money. 

The media isn’t really talking about it, because they want to keep you focused on the virus. And individual people do not usually like talking about how broke they are, because it’s embarrassing. But people are really, really struggling. The majority of the middle class is going under.

Normal white people are now regularly waiting in food lines, all over the country, because of what this lockdown has done to the economy.

And we haven’t really even begun to feel the brunt of it yet. The government is still printing money like crazy.

(And yes, a lot of that billionaire money is new money, but how did it get to the billionaires? Was it printed for them?)

The wealth was transferred from the masses of people, to billionaires, through this lockdown process.

This is the biggest armed robbery in human history.

And that is exactly what it is: the billionaires, along with the people who run the banks and the government, are using the media as a weapon to rob you. There are of course actual arms involved – the media is backed up by men with guns who work for the government. But the biggest feat was getting enough people to go along with this that the government was able to point a gun at your head and force you to stop working and to stop doing all the things that keep other people working.

This is criminal, and it is insane.

What they are planning with the computer chips in people’s brains, the genetic engineering – this is all completely and totally insane.

Never forget that Elon Musk is the one making the brain chip (or rather, he is symbolically running the company that is doing it).

That’s why they had to make everyone poor and take all their basic rights away – they’re doing something really weird. This brain chip implant plan – which Musk says will be on the market in ten years, and will transform anyone who gets it into a genius – is insane.

Changing people’s genes is always insane, but doing it while they’re alive is more insane. Whether or not the coronavirus vaccine is really a vaccine, or it’s something else, who the hell knows. I don’t know. What I do know is that they spent billions of dollars on this program to invent an ability to inject people with synthetic mRNA. You can read about what mRNA is, but it is basically instructions for your genes.

There is something intensely weird going on with all of this. Their biggest goal, right now, obviously, is to prevent you from being allowed to talk about it with each other.

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When I say “the only way any of us are going to deal with this is through Jesus Christ,” I mean that literally. As in: “there is literally nothing we can do but pray.”

We don’t have any ability to influence these events that are coming outside of that. Obviously, I don’t think it’s going to work – it is actual insanity, on the same level as the virus hoax, what these people that rule over us are going through.

That makes it a little easier to deal with, if you understand that: there is no reason to believe any of this is going to work. Besides the complexity of the science, and the obvious things that could go terribly wrong with the “transhumanism” project, things generally are much too complicated, and much too counter to human nature, much too aggressively forced.

I think the people running this are being told that they are in contact with aliens, or creatures from another dimension.

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That’s the only way I can see that these people would be saying “heyyyy now, let’s just relax here, and slow down a bit, huh?”

Maybe Musk was really trying to do that when he went on Joe Rogan and said the virus is a hoax. I don’t know. There is no way to know any of this. But either these people have some specific reason to believe this “Great Reset” and “New World Order” is going to work better than it looks like it’s going to work, or they are afraid of getting caught.

Even if you wanted to do this, you would do it slower, over another generation. Not all at once in a rush like this.