Black Doctor: Promiscuity is a Form of Self-Mutilation for Daddyless Daughters

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stomer
July 17, 2013

It is nice to see a black man speaking the truth about a real problem in his society – one that our society happens to share – instead of whining endlessly, as it so often seems they are prone to doing. When a black does such a thing, I feel a duty to acknowledge it. I will say again, I am not against black people, and surely do not want to hurt them, very much hope the best for them – it is simply that I will never put their interests above those of my own people, in the way that our sadomasochistic Jew-ridden culture tells me that I should.

The fact that blacks are able to sit around and talk about this sort of issue definitely shows that there is some hope that if they were separated from us, with their own intellectual elite being put in charge, they may be able to carve out a life for themselves.