Black Gentleman Tortures 6 People, Kills 2 Kids and a Woman Over a Facebook Post

We have a saying in my country: “a nigga might pop off, if he been finna pop off out this muthafugguh.”

New York Post:

A New Jersey man was convicted for the brutal murder of two children and a college student he killed after he broke into a house because he was angry over a Facebook post, prosecutors announced Saturday.

Jeremy Arrington, 31, was found guilty on a slew of charges related to a 2016 Newark home invasion where he bound and tortured six people inside, killing three and stabbing three others, the Essex County prosecutor said.

Arrington fatally stabbed 8-year-old Aerial Little Whitehurst and 11-year-old Al-Jahon Whitehurst, then fatally shot 23-year-old Syasia McBorroughs — a college student who had been visiting the family.

The children’s mother, 29, and two 13-year-old twins — a boy and a girl — were stabbed but survived, reports said.

The killer’s deadly rage came after one of of the stabbing victims had allegedly reposted a police alert on Facebook that named Arrington as a suspect in an earlier shooting and sexual assault, officials said, according to

Arrington broke into the Whitehurst residence in November 2016 in the middle of the day with a loaded gun and tied up all of the residents, prosecutors said. He then tortured them with kitchen knives.

The female twin managed to escape and called police while hiding inside of a closet, prosecutors said.

Arrington fled before police arrived, but was later arrested following a standoff with law enforcement, reported.

This kind of news needs to be buried, as it could make people believe that black people are violent.

Blacks are in fact morally superior to whites in every way, and no one should ever have a negative thought about any black person, ever, in any situation, no matter what.

Those are our values, because democracy is who we are.