Black + Indigenous Lives Matter: Violent Protests in Atlanta Over Death of “Activist”

They’re bringing down Brandon.

Are they seriously sending the blacks out to riot against him like they did with Donald Trump?

Because that is hilarious.


A protest turned violent in downtown Atlanta on Saturday night in the wake of the death of an environmental activist who was killed by authorities this week after officials said the 26-year-old shot a state trooper.

Masked activists dressed in all black threw rocks and lit fireworks in front of a skyscraper that houses the Atlanta Police Foundation, shattering large glass windows. They then lit a police cruiser on fire, smashed more windows and vandalized walls with anti-police graffiti as stunned tourists scattered.

The violent protesters were a subsection of hundreds of demonstrators who had gathered and marched up Atlanta’s famed Peachtree Street to mourn the death of the protester, a nonbinary person who went by the name Tortuguita and used they/it pronouns.

Tortuguita was killed Wednesday as authorities cleared a small group of protesters from the site of a planned Atlanta-area public safety training center that activists have dubbed “Cop City.”

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation has said Tortuguita was killed by officers after shooting and wounding a state trooper, but activists have questioned officials’ version of events, calling it a “murder” and demanding an independent investigation.

According to the GBI, the incident was not recorded on body cameras. The bureau said Friday that it determined the trooper was shot in the abdomen by a bullet from a handgun that was in Tortuguita’s possession.

Word of Saturday’s protest had been widely circulated ahead of time on social media and among leftist activists, with some passing out flyers that read, “Police killed a protester. Stand up. Fight back.”

Atlanta Police Chief Darin Schierbaum said during a news conference that authorities made six arrests Saturday and recovered explosive devices after the protesters damaged property along Peachtree Street, a corridor of hotels and restaurants. He said authorities halted the violence within two blocks and no citizens or law enforcement officers were injured.

“We can tell now, early in this investigation, this was not the focus tonight just to damage the windows of three buildings and set a police car on fire,” Schierbaum said. “The intent was to continue to do harm, and that did not happen.”

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp decried the violence and thanked responding officers.

Violence and unlawful destruction of property are not acts of protest,” the Republican governor tweeted. “They are crimes that will not be tolerated in Georgia and will be prosecuted fully.”

None of these race riots are ever organic.

Blacks can’t organize anything themselves.

Blacks get killed by the police a lot, but this switch only gets flipped when there is a big organization by Jewish groups that you don’t necessarily see publicly.

The switch was most definitely flipped in Atlanta this weekend.

Maybe it’s just a coincidence that this is happening while they’re in the process of bringing down Brandon, but I would not be at all surprised to see them come out and say Brandon is not doing enough for the blacks.

It’s possible they want to put Michelle Obama out as the next president.

This would track with that agenda.