Black Worker Shot at Pregnant Mexican from Drive-Thru Window Over Curly Fries Dispute

Imagine if the races were reversed.

A Mexican woman who opened fire at point-blank range probably would have actually hit someone.

New York Post:

Newly released footage shows the moment a Jack In The Box drive-thru worker shot at a family of three β€” including a 6-year-old girl and her pregnant mother β€” after an argument over curly fries.

The fast food employee, identified in legal papers as Alonniea Ford, whipped her gun out and fired at the car carrying the family as the driver sped away during the March 2021 dispute, surveillance footage shows, according to an ongoing lawsuit that was filed last year.

Seconds before shots rang out, Ford furiously threw ketchup packets and other items at the driver, identified as the pregnant woman’s husband Anthony Ramos.

Ramos then tossed items back at the worker while another employee tried to intervene at the Houston location, according to the footage.

After the shocking shooting, Ford walked away and then returned to the window where she casually cleaned up the mess, the footage shows.

The footage is part of a 2022 lawsuit filed against Jack In The Box and Ford. Ramos and his wife are seeking more than $1 million in damages.

This war between blacks and Mexicans is still very much a thing, though I think people have stopped thinking very much about it. It doesn’t come up very often, except in the context of conservatives claiming that blacks are “real Americans” who are having their entitlements infringed on by Mexicans.

If that narrative is useful, then okay. But the reality is, Mexicans are not nearly as bad as blacks, really in any way, excluding the somewhat esoteric distinction that blacks are “real Americans.”

Maybe that distinction is not esoteric. I don’t know. I put “real Americans” in scare quotes in that last paragraph, but maybe they are “real Americans” in a legitimate sense. Probably, you would say that they were real Americans, but they’ve largely given that up at this point, as they usually self-identify as anti-American. We’ve seen blacks burning American flags a lot, and that is a bit like burning your passport, where you give up your identity as a member of the nation.

The victims