Watch: Teen AKA Youth AKA Thug AKA Teen AKA Brute AKA etc. Throws Chair at Teacher

Can’t we just say “nigger”?

Honestly, if you’re worried about hurting black people’s feelings… first of all, you shouldn’t be worried about that. Second of all (of all the things), most of them don’t really care that much.

Saying “nigger” is supposed to be this weapon against the blacks, to hurt their feelings. But the reality is the opposite: telling people they can’t say “nigger” or blacks will feel so deeply sad that it will be similar to a holocaust, is the weapon.

When you see stuff like the following, “nigger” is just something everyone understands.

New York Post:

The 15-year-old Michigan high school student accused of launching a metal chair at her unsuspecting teacher’s head was arrested and faces felony charges following the “unacceptable act of violence.”

The Genesee County Prosecutor’s Office charged the unnamed junior at Southwestern Classical Academy with two counts of felony assault for throwing the chair and injuring her teacher, according to ABC 12.

In the now-viral video recorded on Thursday, two female students were involved in a heated argument where they shouted obscenities at one another from across the classroom.

The teacher, who attempted to restore order between the students, had her back turned when one of the girls picked up the metal chair and hurled it in the educator’s direction.

The chair struck the teacher in the head causing her to drop to the floor, where she remained still for seven seconds.

The school’s resource officer was called to break up the fight and found the teacher lying on the ground with head injuries, Flint Police Chief Terence Green told the outlet.

Both girls involved in the fight were arrested.

The unnamed educator was quickly rushed to the hospital to treat her head injury and is “doing well,” according to a statement from District Superintendent Kevelin Jones.

She has since been released from the hospital and expressed plans to return to the classroom.

The superintendent shared that the student who threw the chair will be held accountable according to the law and the district’s code of conduct.

If it’s a true reality that “nigger” really hurts black people’s feelings as bad as the Jews claim it does (and again, I have doubts about this), then maybe the blacks need to have their feelings hurt.

Maybe, hurt feelings would lead the blacks to better decision-making?

I do not even hate black people. I know it’s this whole stupid boomer meme, but it’s true: “I have black friends.”

If I actually hated them for the color of their skin, I would not have any black friends. I would mindlessly hate all black people for no reason.

Do my black friends like that I use the word “nigger”? There are probably mixed feelings there, I would assume. The non-American ones don’t even seem to think it is relevant at all. They don’t have this whole thing surrounding this allegedly magical word. The American ones – maybe they don’t like it. But sometimes, your friends say things you don’t like. That doesn’t mean you stop being friends, or that you burn down someone’s neighborhood.

I do not blame all blacks in the way that I blame all Jews (I literally blame every single Jew, insofar as any of those Jews refuse to denounce Judaism and accept our Living Savior Jesus Christ). I do not think every black is a “nigger.”

But you know what? A lot of American blacks are niggers, and that’s a problem that the black community needs to address. That’s just reality. This is something that needs to be addressed.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.