Italy: Meloni “Tries” to Do Something About Invaders – Immediately Cockblocked by Court

Remember recently in Texas when “The Wheeled Wonder” Greg Abbott, a man who literally cannot even walk, tried to ban child molestation in the most obviously unconstitutional way imaginable, and then when the fed court overruled it, he’s like “aw, shucks, partner”?

See: Federal Judge Permanently Forbids Enforcement of Texas Drag Show Ban

This is a basic standard thing that shill controlled opposition conservatives do all over the world – they pretend to be trying to do some policy which they know won’t work so they can then claim victimhood.

Meloni doesn’t give a shit about immigrants. If anything, she wants more immigration so there are more blacks at her gang-bangs. There are a million different ways she could go about slowing this invasion, but she picked a way that could easily be kiboshed by the court.


Premier Giorgia Meloni on Monday expressed shock at a decision by a Catania court to release three Tunisian migrants from detention on the grounds that measures in a recent government decree are allegedly illegitimate.

Under the decree, migrants can be held in pre-expulsion CPR centres for up to 18 months but can post a ‘bail’ of 5,000 euros in order to avert being detained, a measure that has spurred widespread criticism.

“I was astonished by the Catania judge’s ruling, which, on incredible grounds… freed an illegal immigrant who had already received a deportation order, unilaterally declaring Tunisia an unsafe country (which is not the judiciary’s job) and going against the measures of a democratically elected government,” Meloni said in a social-media post.

There isn’t even a working system to deport them anyway.

“It is not the first time this has happened but we will continue to defend the borders (of Italy)”. She said the government was faced with a “difficult job” to tackle illegal immigration but said its efforts would “bring concrete results, with patience and determination.

Meloni’s government is currently engaged in a row with Berlin over the German government’s decision to fund NGOs operating migrant-rescue operations in the Mediterranean.

Yes. Germany.

The obvious solution to Italy’s problem was already figured out in 2016: immediately when these people get off the boat, you take their photo and print them an Italian (EU) passport. Italy has an absolute ability to do this. 100% of them will go to Germany, because that is where they get the most money and it’s where black-on-white rape is legal.

This entire plan is coming from Germany. It was Mama Merkel’s idea to open the floodgates in the first place, claiming outright that she wants to replace the population and saying that black Africans from Syria would work in high-tech (she said that). Germany runs the European Commission, which is a dictatorial body not influenced by any “democracy” process, and that is why you can’t just shoot invaders when they try to enter, and why it is impossible to deport them. The Italian court is just following EU human rights laws.

I don’t know how many people know this – we used to talk about it a lot – but the boats leaving from North Africa only go a few miles off the coast of Tunisia, and then these Soros Germans come and pick them up off the boat and taxi them to Italy. Once they are in international waters, they get a free ride.

This shit is insane. At least 95% and maybe as much as 99% of the journey is on an NGO boat. This means traffickers don’t have to have a seafaring vessel. They just put lawnmower motors on dingies and drive them to a meeting spot right off the coast of Africa, the Germans meet them and deliver them to Italy.

It’s a legal loophole that they have to be in international waters before they can get picked up. These NGOs would just be running a ferry system directly from land if they could.

The claim from the media is that the NGOs are just there to help in case the boat sinks, but they don’t have any boats capable of getting to Italy.

The whole thing is heinous.

Italy, Greece, and Spain should all be doing everything possible to attack Germany at every turn until they stop it with this program. Most obviously, they could stop supporting Germany’s war on Russia (which of course isn’t Germany’s war, just like nothing we say about Germany doing anything has anything to do with German people – it’s an occupied puppet state).

They could also default on debts and ally with Russia and allow China to start building military bases in their countries.

Instead, Meloni has made the war on Russia the centerpiece of her regime. These videos of her screaming about Putin are insane. It looks like a methhead having a breakdown at Walmart.

What the hell even is that?

She’s like an even more emotionally unstable version of Greta Thunberg.

She’s best friends with that zany cunt Ursula who is also obsessed with endless war.

I know that Salvini has cucked out as well, but just so you understand – just a few years ago, being Daily Stormer-level pro-Russia was normal on the Italian right-wing.

They talked about immigration. Not doing wars to spread anal sex.

As soon as women get in control of governments, they start pushing for everything negative, including and especially endless war. Look at what Clinton did to Libya. That wasn’t Obama’s plan. Obama’s foreign policy agenda wasn’t even very bad in comparison to most of these people. Hillary set that whole thing up. Women can do this with impunity, because they know they will never be fighting in a war. It makes them hot to send men to die. Women are sick. They need to be isolated and sanctioned, or everyone on earth is going to die.

No woman should ever have authority over any man. It’s in the Bible. Women ruling over you is described repeatedly as the worst possible outcome.

Vladimir Zelensky ran on a peace platform. Giorgia Meloni ran on an anti-immigration platform. Both made war the center focus of their leadership after their elections.

There are so many different problems with democracy, but how is it not fraud for politicians to make these claims and do the opposite thing? Why can’t they be prosecuted for this?