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CBS News:

Hundreds of Black migrants, many from African countries, showed up at City Hall Tuesday demanding better treatment.

They say they just want a job, and basic shelter.

The migrants and their advocates say they’ve received unfair treatment and have been left forgotten. The rally at City Hall was a bid to get attention of state and federal lawmakers. They’re hoping changes could be made to immigration laws, and they could help contribute to the economy.

They said they want to work, and are trying to cut through the red tape that’s stopping them. They asked for local leaders to put more pressure on Washington, D.C. to make a change.

Dozens rallied on the steps outside City Hall, and hundreds gathered in support nearby while inside the City Council chambers, tears were shed for all Black migrants impacted by what advocates are calling unfair treatment.

“They are here to show you that they belong, and that they are here and that they should not be erased. Please listen to them,” said Patrice Lawrence, executive director of the UndocuBlack Network.

Tuesday, City Council members held their first meeting to learn more about the experiences Black migrants have been going through in New York.

The most pressing issue of our time

“Black migrants have reported verbal and physical abuse due to the color of their skin,” one person said.

Federal immigration laws are either slowing down the process for these migrants to get working permits or, depending on what country they come from, it makes them ineligible.

One mother and her two children who have been staying at the humanitarian relief center at Floyd Bennett Field said the city should provide more assistance.

“What I expected to have was help from the American people, and I don’t see it,” she said.

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