Boeing Delays NASA Astronauts’ Return to Earth Again as Time Running Out

What sort of retard goes into outer space?

Don’t they know there is nothing up there? That’s why they call it “space.” It’s just blank space.

New York Post:

Boeing, we have a problem.

The return trip to Earth for two NASA astronauts who rode to orbit on the trouble-plagued company’s Starliner has been delayed for a third time as of Saturday — with Butch Wilmore and Suni Williams cooling their heels at the International Space Station (ISS) while engineers on the ground race against time to fix numerous issues with the spacecraft.

They have a reported 45-day window to bring them back, according to officials.

The return module of the Starliner spacecraft is docked to the ISS’s Harmony module, but Harmony has limited fuel leaving the window for a safe return flight increasingly narrow, officials said.

But because of problems that include five helium leaks on the Starliner, they’re still up there.

The issues with the Starliner included five thrusters that abruptly stopped working during flight and a series of helium leaks, CNN reported.

Retarded as these retards may be for going on a trip to space (the most boring place), they shouldn’t have to just die up there.

But if they didn’t want to die, I guess they probably should have hired someone other than Boeing to build their spaceship.

Boeing is the company you hire when you want to die.