Boeing Plane’s Windshield Cracks While Landing


New York Post:

The inner windshield of an Alaska Airlines plane cracked as it landed in Oregon in the latest issue involving a Boeing jet.

The flight from Washington DC was descending at the Portland International Airport on Sunday when crew members noticed a small crack on the inner windshield, airline officials told The Post on Tuesday.

โ€œThe crew followed their checklists and the aircraft continued safely to its destination as scheduled,โ€ the airline said in a statement.

The airlineโ€™s Boeing 737-800s have five layers in their windscreens, with an outer pane, three inner layers, and an inner pane, the statement noted.

โ€œIf an inner pane cracks, the other pane and layers can maintain cabin pressure,โ€ airline officials said.

Yeah, they say that, but all of these systems are failing in these planes. There is no reason to believe that safety systems will not fail with primary systems, after a period of primary systems failing constantly. It’s just statistics.