Child-Starver Jews Issue Ban on UN Food Deliveries to Northern Gaza

Food deliveries were already de facto banned, as the Jews would just attack anyone trying to get food and even fire on the trucks themselves. Further, the amount of food that was getting in, even if it was all making it through, is just not enough to even make an impact.

However, for the Jews to now outright ban all forms of delivery is beyond the pale, given that this is making the public statement “yes, we are starving these people to death on purpose.”

The Guardian:

Israel has reportedly barred the UN agency for Palestinian refugees from making aid deliveries in northern Gaza, where the threat of famine is highest, the head of Unrwa has said.

“Despite the tragedy unfolding under our watch, the Israeli Authorities informed the UN that they will no longer approve any @Unrwa food convoys to the north,” Philippe Lazzarini said on X.

“This is outrageous & makes it intentional to obstruct lifesaving assistance during a man made famine.”

Israel did not immediately respond on Sunday to AFP’s request for comment about Lazzarini’s statement. The Unrwa spokesperson, Juliette Touma, said the decision had been relayed in a meeting with Israeli military officials on Sunday. It followed two denials in writing for convoy deliveries to the north last week.

No reason for the decision was given, Touma said.

Martin Griffiths, head of the UN humanitarian coordination office, said on X on Sunday that Unrwa was the “beating heart of the humanitarian response in Gaza”.

To be clear, there was a small amount of food, it just wasn’t making an impact on the larger situation, because the UN was so limited in what they were allowed to do.

Now these Jews are saying “zero food, period.”

The Biden Administration has not issued a statement on this.

At some point soon, the starvation will begin, and it will be much worse than the killings the Jews have done with bombs. Over a million people are “on the verge of starvation.” I’m not sure what that means exactly, but they do not have stocks of food.

It looks like this is going to happen: hundreds of thousands of Gazans are going to starve to death.