Boris Johnson Endorses Trump, Claims He’ll Support the Ukraine War

Fighting “woke” while supporting the Ukraine war makes about as much sense as anything else these days. The Ukraine war is literally the first tranny war, exclusively supported by leftists, homosexuals, and boomers.



Former United Kingdom Prime Minister Boris Johnson has endorsed Donald Trump to be the next president of the United States, arguing the controversial former leader might just be “what the world needs” right now — so long as Trump supports Ukraine in its war against Russia.

“We all need to grow up and get used to the prospect,” the former British leader wrote Friday in his weekly Daily Mail column. “If he does the right thing and backs the Ukrainians — and I believe he will — a Trump presidency can be a big win for the world.”

NATO-skeptic Trump — who has repeatedly lavished praise on the bellicose Russian President Vladimir Putin — has sparked fears in Kyiv that he would withdraw U.S. military aid for Ukraine; such concerns are echoed in other Western capitals. But Johnson disagrees.

The globe needs a leader “whose willingness to use force and sheer unpredictability is a major deterrent to the enemies of the West” who is “an enthusiastic exponent of free markets and capitalism” and who is interested in a “proper free trade deal with the U.K.”

To be clear – and please screenshot this – my “Trump can’t win” claim is predicated on Trump being against war. If he becomes a total shill for all of these Biden wars, it’s possible or even probable that he’ll “win.”

The 2020 election didn’t necessarily prove that “Trump can’t win,” it simply proved that the outcome of an election in the US is not based on the number of people who vote for a candidate.

Boris Johnson is the number one global emissary of the Biden wars. I have no idea what he bases his claim that Trump will support the Ukraine on, but what this appears to be is an olive branch being offered to Trump – right in the middle of the WEF meeting – that if Trump supports these wars, he has a chance.

There’s no other way I can see to read these statements from Boris.


I just read this a couple hours after writing it, and must say that this isn’t necessarily “an endorsement,” but “a conditioned endorsement.” Johnson seems to be saying that he’ll support Trump if he supports the Ukraine. Obviously, Trump has thus far been anti-Ukraine.

Boris is obviously aware that Trump is against the Ukraine. This is an attempt to mess with Trump. Typically, Trump supports anyone who supports him. He defended me to Wolf Blitzer in 2015. Johnson knows he’s going to want to say “Johnson supports me,” but that by doing so, he’d also have to comment on the Ukraine.

“I don’t want the warmonger Johnson’s endorsement, we’re going to end the war” is what Trump should say here, but that is against his instincts. It will be interesting to hear what Trump has to say about it.