In Unhinged Op-Ed, “Boris” Johnson Says Not Sending Infinity Weapons to Israel Would be “Insane”

Boris Johnson is one to talk about being insane. The guy looks like a Juggalo (a follower of the Insane Clown Posse).

You don’t have to try very hard to picture him in the makeup. He’s got the perfect face for it.

This having been said, I think if you went to an Insane Clown Posse concert, and picked out random members of the audience to run Western governments, you would end up with much saner results than what we are seeing from our current class of rulers.

The Guardian:

Boris Johnson has said banning arms sales to Israel would be “insane”.

The former prime minister also criticised the foreign secretary, David Cameron, for remaining silent on the debate over curtailing UK arms sales to Israel.


In a scathing column in the Daily Mail, Johnson wrote that the attacks on the WCK convoy were “shattering” but then defended Israel, claiming it was sending warnings of the IDF’s attacks, which are “trying to use precision munitions”.

They are using precision munitions. They murder innocent people with them, including white people on aid missions.

Johnson added: “If the west continues to crumble – and especially if Britain and the US crumble – then the Israelis will be prevented from getting into Rafah. They will be prevented from achieving their objective: of finishing Hamas as a military force in Gaza.”

He added: “Is that really what you want, all you legal experts who say that Israel’s actions now necessitate an arms embargo? Do you want to hand victory to a bunch of murderers and rapists? We are being asked to shun the Israelis, to mount a total moral repudiation of Israel – when that country has only recently suffered the biggest and most horrifying massacre of Jewish people since world war two.”

Johnson added that if Hamas released its hostages, it would “mean the immediate withdrawal of the Israeli Defense Forces and the end of the conflict”. Johnson concluded that banning arms sales to Israel would be “insane” and “shameful”. “The sooner the government formally denounces the idea, the better,” he said.

Israel hasn’t said that if Hamas releases the hostages they will leave. They’ve said something like the opposite of that. They said they won’t leave until they’ve killed all the Hamas, which is impossible because the Hamas are in the tunnels. So instead, they are just killing random people.

It’s very obvious to everyone that they are ethnically cleansing the area. The insider trading that happened before the October 7 event proved, beyond any doubt, that the Jews let the attack happen on purpose. It was already obvious that it was done on purpose, but the insider trading proves it.

This was never about Hamas. It was about Bibi Netanyahu and his people wanting to clear out all of the supposed enemies of Israel from the region. Jared Kushner is going around talking about how he’s going to sell the land in Gaza to build beachfront condos.

Boris Johnson is just a fat, gross liar.