Boris Johnson Tried to Talk Trump Into Supporting War on Russia

Boris Johnson used to be a goofy fat guy on a bicycle, who was very well liked.

Now, he’s become a devil monster, pushing for global war.


Boris Johnson met with ex-US President Donald Trump and tried to convince him of “the vital importance of Ukrainian victory,” a spokesperson for the former British PM told reporters on Friday. Trump has refused to endorse Kiev’s military goals, calling instead for a diplomatic solution to the conflict with Russia.

Johnson had dinner with Trump on Thursday, his spokesperson told multiple US and UK media outlets. “Boris Johnson MP met President Donald J. Trump to discuss the situation in Ukraine and the vital importance of Ukrainian victory,” they said.

Johnson has been on a speaking tour of the US for the past week in a bid to drum up support for Ukraine from a Republican Party whose voter base is increasingly skeptical of continued US aid for Kiev. “I just urge you all to stick with it,” he told a crowd of conservative lobbyists and donors in Texas on Monday, adding that their support “will pay off massively in the long run.”

“Pay off” how?

What does the US even stand to gain in the case of total victory?

Johnson is a hardline Jew-sucker who wants to “take back Crimea.” Therefore, he is talking about a nuclear war.

Of course, Johnson and other hardliners deny there could ever be a nuclear war, because, they claim, Putin – who they claim is an insane madman driven by pure evil – is simply too reasonable to ever fire nukes. But even if that narrative was true, we are talking about a collapse of the Russian state. And to what end? Clearly, that would destabilize the entire world, even if the Jews got their way and were able to break the country into different pieces.

It is obvious that there is no possible good outcome for anyone, which is why they will never explain what the mission even is, beyond talking about how we have to fight for gay anal rimjobs for kiddies in the Ukraine, because that’s our values.

It’s actually shocking to hear someone even claim there will be any kind of benefit to winning the war. I’ve never really seen anyone do that. They normally frame it in terms of a moral duty to the anal order.

It would be much cooler if Johnson was saying “no, no, hear me out – nuclear war is cool. It’s going to be like Fallout: New Vegas.”

Regardless, it is very unlikely that Trump was moved by this fat retard’s outrageous and astonishing assertions. Trump is currently running as the only anti-war candidate on the right, with Robert Kennedy being the only other anti-war figure in the race. Meatball Ron was anti-war for like, a couple of hours, before he got the call and flipped to being pro-war.

Just from the standpoint of politics, being against a pointless war that is costing the US and the world a whole lot of money gives Trump a very strong advantage.