Brandon Gives Primetime Speech Saying It is Impossible to Rig an Election, Half the Country are Violent Extremists

Every time I think about the 2020 election hoax, I remember that during the hoax, the US media was in the midst of accusing Belarus of hoaxing their election. They were attempting to use totally baseless claims of election fraud to stir up a Ukraine-style color revolution in Belarus.

Belarus used all-paper ballots, and allowed international observers. President Lukashenko beat the Western-backed competition (an ugly, fat woman) by an overwhelming margin. She only got 10% of the vote.

It is totally physically impossible that you could hoax an election, using in-person voting with paper ballots, by that kind of margin. What’s more: the US had zero evidence. They just kept saying it over and over again, and encouraging people in the country to riot and overthrow the government.

The election was in August, and the media was still talking about it in November when the US election happened. This was an election where like half of the votes were mail-in ballots. And the media said that the election couldn’t have been fraudulent, because election fraud is impossible.

Here’s another thing: in 2016, they said that Donald Trump worked with the Russians to steal the election. But then they explicitly said “no votes were changed” over and over again. But they said that Russians posted Facebook ads that changed everyone’s mind. They were very careful about “no votes were changed,” while also arguing that Trump was illegitimate.

On Thursday night, Joe Brandon, looking like a hologram, gave a primetime speech in Philadelphia about how Donald Trump supporters are violent extremists, and then claimed once again that election fraud is impossible – and that anyone who claims it is possible is a violent threat to democracy.

It was obvious that this speech was setting up the narrative for the primaries, where Democrats are planning on committing massive fraud, and they are preempting accusations of fraud by saying “they’re going to say we committed fraud.”

The entire NYT/CNN media establishment is now going to jump into action and repeat, constantly, that Republicans are planning to claim fraud regardless. Biden said that Republicans “believe there are only two possible outcomes to an election – either they won or they got cheated.” It was pure “we are going to commit fraud and have to prepare the public for it” narrative.

Meanwhile, Ben Shapiro and Fox News on the “Jewish conservative” side are claiming that Republicans are losing popularity – they are also preparing people for fraud.

The fact is that Joe Biden is the worst president in US history, by a lot. Just look around you at just how much has changed. It’s not just social changes that only Republicans care about – it’s extreme economic changes and the constant threat of World War III for completely unclear reasons. No matter what the Republicans do wrong, more people are going to vote for them than Democrats, because people simply cannot afford to Build Back Better. Everyone is feeling the heat, and even leftists, unless they are rich, are just going to lie about who they voted for.

The Democrats are preparing fraud, and they are conditioning you for it – on both sides.

The language in the Biden speech was like my parodies – I think he literally said “who we are in a democracy of our values.”

I can tell you for a fact: if you listened to this 24-minute speech, and drank every time he said “democracy,” you’d end up in the hospital. If you just drank every time he said “who we are,” you’d end up getting in a fight or accidentally burning your house down.

It’s actually shocking the way all public discourse now is just a series of slogans. We joke about it, but when you hear the supposed president just go up there and spray a 24-minute barrage of slogans, it’s jarringly surreal. Reality does not seem real. What does “who we are in a democracy” mean? I have heard it so many times, I’ve joked about it so many times, but I still have no concept of the meaning. It is apparently just very emotional language, meant to stir up images of MCU films or Rihanna songs.

If people were actually given a clear choice, everyone aside from a small sliver of perverts would pick freedom and prosperity over democracy. So the only way to get people to go along with democracy is to appeal to emotions. But because the values of democracy are always changing and more or less always contradictory, everything has to be kept vague. “Who we are” is as emotional and as vague as it gets. “Who are we? We are all the things that the party represents, which are all the things that are good!”

Women and woman-like men having a constant desire to feel morally superior is also a big part of it. Women and soymen don’t have any notion of what morality actually is, but they know they like to claim to be better than other people.

The speech is weird enough that I recommend skimming through it. Throughout the entire speech, someone was chanting “fuck Joe Biden,” and he just kept mentioning it. No one ever threw the guy out. I’m not sure what that was about, exactly.

Biden more or less held it together, but it was hilarious that his wife is his carer and led him to the stage and then came back to get him when it was finished so he didn’t start yelling, or apologizing, or shaking hands with invisible people.

That red background is hardcore. (For those who don’t know: colors are associated with emotions, and red is generally used to inspire militancy and general aggression, which is why it was used by both communists and Nazis in a time when all of Europe knew that another big war was inevitable.)

Interestingly, only CNN and MSNBC aired the speech live. ABC, CBS, NBC, Fox, PBS, Fox News and Fox Business all skipped it. I’m not sure that’s ever happened with a primetime presidential address to the nation, and I’m not really sure what it implies. If I had to guess, I’d say it implies that this was much more about setting the tone for a narrative than it was about convincing anyone of anything.

We are all very jaded at this point, but we should take a step back and note just how extreme it is for a US president to come out and state plainly that half the population of the country are dangerous extremists who pose an existential threat.

Biden’s French spokesperson claimed this week that anyone who doesn’t agree with the majority is “extreme.” That is the definition they are working with.

What they’re talking about is a 51% majority, apparently, and it is not clear that they even have that. It’s clear that in real life, Donald Trump got the popular vote as well as the electoral college in 2020, but some portion of those people would have voted for Trump just because they were afraid of Joe Biden. Realistically, they are talking about around 40% of the population as an “extreme minority.” It’s about 90% of white men. And they’re claiming that these “extremists” are violent and trying to overthrow the government.

This is Bolshevik stuff, truly. The government has officially declared war on the population.

It’s going to get worse before it gets better, I can tell you that.