Brandon is Apparently Going Down

I haven’t written about it much because it’s all over the mainstream news and it really isn’t very interesting, but the Democrat Party and the Jewstice Department (but I repeat myself) are taking down Joe Biden.

From the beginning, it looked like the only reason they would try to get Old Man Brandon on trumped-up document handling charges is that they wanted to remove him from the 2024 presidential race. The timing was obviously more or less definite proof, but there was still some chance it was just some weird, random thing that showed up on the media, maybe because a few specific individuals were mad about something and trying to pressure him.

There is no chance of that now. Now, the media is talking openly about the Hunter Biden laptop revelations and Brandon’s dirty dealings in the Ukraine and elsewhere. This is a total hitjob.

It’s interesting that they would have to do such a hitjob. It seems like they would just be able to say “okay Joe, presidency is over! Time to go take a nap!” and he’d say “heh heh, okay guys, boy have I been looking forward to that nap.” It’s not clear why they had to get aggressive with him, but my personal suspicion is that his wife, the woman known as “Doctor Jill,” was refusing to go along with this, wanting to remain as First Doctor for a bit longer.

But the entire American political system is a hoax, and they do what they want to do to whoever they want to do it to, and they want Joe out, so he’s going out.

It’s frustrating that Republicans are acting like this is a real scandal instead of an obvious trumped-up hoax designed by the Democrats, which notably bypasses all the real scandals. But hey – whatever. I’m done expecting anything out of these morons.

I must say: the fact that he kept his secret documents next to his midlife crisis mobile made me laugh out loud.

To my millennial compatriots now entering middle age: please, whatever you do, don’t buy a sports car. Get a young girlfriend, get a tattoo, go do cocaine at a nightclub – I mean none of those things are healthy or good, but they’re not as bad as the sports car. The midlife crisis mobile is just too pathetic and personally humiliating, and I want to save you all that shame.

Anyway – the plan is in action.

Soon enough, they’re going to introduce his replacement.

The Democrat Party is as devoid of charisma as it is of competence, so there are only two real options for a replacement:

  • Michelle Obama AKA “Big Blackie,” and
  • Gavin Newsom

If I had to make a bet on it, I’d go with Newsom, because Americans just tend to like white men. Big Blackie is the epitome of “Angry Black Woman,” which is a category that is most disliked by basically everyone on earth. Liberals can claim they’re not racist and so on, and they can even think that, but the reality is that they will have negative feelings that they can’t admit the source of, and even if they voice support for her, they won’t really be feeling it.

People need to be feeling it, because we’re going into major wartime. This Ukraine thing is not ending. Russia is doing some serious damage since they upped the ante with the mobilization, but the US is sending tanks and other very serious equipment to meet Russia’s escalation, and it is just going to keep going and going for a very long time. Most likely, it is going to spread outside of the Ukraine, and Americans are going to have to make even more serious sacrifices to support our values of who we are in a rules-based order.

You gotta put a smiling face on that steaming pile of shit, and if there’s one thing Gavin Newsom is good at, it’s smiling.

That might be the only thing he’s good at, but it’s really the only requirement for being president of America.