Brandon Uses “New World Order” Term in Bizarre Campaign Speech

Who wrote this?

David Frum?


The current US-led world order has “sort of run out of steam,” but Washington will shape the system that replaces it, US President Joe Biden told supporters on Saturday. Leaders in Moscow and Beijing, however, have argued otherwise.

Speaking at a campaign reception in Washington, Biden bragged about how he convinced Japan and South Korea to send financial aid to Ukraine, and how he signed a rail and ports deal with the EU, India, and Saudi Arabia at the G20 summit in New Delhi last month.

“So, I think we have an opportunity to do things, if we’re bold enough and have enough confidence in ourselves, to unite the world in ways that it never has been,” Biden declared.

Unite them for gay sex and viruses?

The Cold War had at least roughly defined ideological concepts.

“We were in a post-war period for 50 years where it worked pretty damn well, but that’s sort of run out of steam. Sort of run out of steam. We need a new, new world order in a sense,” he continued.


Damn weird couple of sentences there, Joe.

I hope Trump has the sense to use this.

“Biden 2024: Sort of Run Out of Steam” with a picture of Joe looking tired on a t-shirt is kind of funny boomer humor.

Describing the Cold War as working “pretty damn well” is possibly more bizarre than claiming America has run out of steam. I obviously understand the sentiment, that during the Cold War America had an identity that was based on opposition to communism, but it was a negative identity. It was about being against something. If you can’t survive without an enemy, then you have no positive identity.

It’s a little bit more complicated than that, because although the Cold War was a big part of the American identity, there was still a whole lot left over of the normal, positive, Christian, European culture and values. The boomers with their hippie shit did a lot to damage that, but it really only totally dissolved at the turn of the millennium.

And I mean, in the context… this is the “endless war and child trannies” guy. He wants federal laws to allow children to secretly take hormone injections in elementary school, and he’s called for regime change in Russia and China. If you took him at face value, as an actual leader rather than a senile puppet, he could only be viewed as a megalomaniacal lunatic and a child predator, based on these various statements he’s made.

Like, imagine if he was 55, and spoke clearly, and seemed to be in charge, and was saying this stuff he says. He only gets away with it because he has this shield of senility.

The American identity must be based on the Bible and traditional European heritage. The idea of manufacturing a new identity – which is what he is suggesting – is insane in any context. You can’t self-consciously create a national identity; it has to develop naturally. So Trump’s basic message is to return to the normal American identity, that we still have some memory of.

There’s also the strange problem that when America “worked pretty damn well” it was 90% white. The idea of rallying this mixed multitude – a country that is now probably 42% white, totally drug-addled, obese, alienated – around gay sex and the gender pay gap, around war with Russia and China, this is just nonsensical.

If his speech writer was forced to explain the “new world order” he envisions, he could only say “democracy,” and no one has any idea what that means, beyond gay sex, women in control of everything, and endless global war.

It’s very strange to admit that America has no defining identity as a nation. It’s effectively admitting that Trump is right in all of his criticisms. I don’t really see how it can be read any other way.

I have my issues with Trump, and especially recently, looking at this situation in the Middle East that he created, I feel pretty frustrated by his inability to actually run the country. I know it wasn’t really his fault and so on. But he’s a flawed individual. Stormy Daniels is ultra-gross, and cheating on your wife with hookers when you’re in your 60s demonstrates serious character flaws (you don’t have a sex drive in your 60s, so it’s about attempting to hold onto youth). Anyway, yes, flawed character, good guy I think, but a lot of problems, let his Jew create a lot of big messes, didn’t declare martial law, and so on. All of that is actually irrelevant, however, when it comes to this issue of a national identity. In terms of the national identity, which is this macro question from which everything else must flow, Trump has always been on point. Everyone understands what “Make America Great Again” means. It means reasserting an already established national identity, which transcends the Cold War, because it is rooted in positive qualities surrounding family, faith, and culture.

So for Joe to say “yeah, we don’t really have a national identity anymore – we should probably invent a totally new national identity somehow” is very strange and, I believe, very confusing.

These are the things Joe Biden supports:

  • Total open borders, to the whole world, bringing in millions of people every year to the end of replacing the white population completely
  • Gay everything, including gay children injected with hormones
  • Feminist everything, including purposefully and actively replacing men with women
  • The idea that secret racist conspiracies exist everywhere, and white people are basically evil
  • Regime change war in Russia
  • Regime change war in China
  • Giving illegal immigrants $2,200 a month, cash-money
  • Abolishing cash bail
  • Covering the ocean and the land with windmills
  • Total government control of the media, including social media, and this entire censorship/information control system
  • Forced vaccination

Any single one of these beliefs would have been considered beyond the pale just 15 years ago. So he’s talking about creating a new national identity – and remaining the leader of the world – based on only new ideas.

Oh – someone might suggest that when he referenced the Cold War being a good time, he was saying that there should be some sort of multi-polarism again. I don’t think he was suggesting that at all. I think it was just an altogether garbled and confusing series of words. Scripted words.

I supposed I’ve driven the points home here.

It’s just a shocking statement.

I was having a conversation the other day on the phone, and thought I need to get back into podcasting, as I like rambling about things, and rambling articles can be tedious in a way that rambling speech is not.

Unfortunately, Paul Town was kidnapped by Hamas. He’s a super-fan of psychedelic trance music, presumably because he takes acid every day. You wake up and drink coffee, Paul Town wakes up and drops acid in his eyeball. So he told me he was going to this trance festival in Israel, and I was like “man, I wouldn’t go to Israel,” and he says it doesn’t matter because he bought a Nevis passport with money he make trading Hex. I didn’t understand what that meant. Anyway, so he told me, “look, I’ve gotta see the Man With No Name show at the Kibbutz and try to get my head cleared, then we’ll start up Wang Town when I get back.”

Now, he’s either in some rat tunnel or dead. The thing is, when the Jews find out who he is – find out what he did to that barn – they’re not going to trade a Palestinian captive for him. He’s apparently traveling on a Nevis passport, so I don’t know if he can get help from the US either. The bottom line is, he’s probably not coming back.

I don’t know if I can do a show without someone to talk to.