BREAKING: Actual Evidence of War Crimes Committed in the Ukraine

We’re supposed to believe Russians committed a “war crime” by killing Ukrainians.

What about all the “war crimes” Ukrainians have been committing against Ukrainians?

You think people who will do this wouldn’t slaughter their own civilians to blame it on Russia?

Ukrainians have already been caught torturing and killing their own civilians so many times, it is just ridiculous to suggest that Russia would do that for literally no reason.

If Russia was going to kill civilians, and didn’t care about the optics, they would start bombing Kiev, like the US bombed Baghdad – just destroying all infrastructure and leveling city blocks.

Instead we’re supposed to believe they just randomly decided, in one village, to hog tie people and shoot them and throw them in a mass grave? For no strategic purpose?

Bucha is the hoax we’ve been waiting for. They didn’t use gas. But they did exactly what we said they would do – slaughtered a bunch of their own civilians and then blamed Russia.

There is no single video of a Russian shooting a civilian in Bucha.

The mayor of the city admitted on April 1 that all Russians had left the area.

They snuck back in and committed a slaughter?

Like, Splinter Cell style?

Who do you believe?