BREAKING: Guy from Internet Says Stock Market Going Bad in Future

The entire economy is propped up by voodoo.

That is to say: the US uses its economy to rob the rest of the world.

It can only last so long.


Renowned writer and economist Robert Kiyosaki warned investors of a stock market downturn in a tweet this week.

According to Kiyosaki, there are “too many signs” that spell a crash in the market in the near future.

“Yet too many signs point to a severe stock market crash… If your future depends on stocks and bonds please be careful, possibly ask for professional advice. Afraid depression coming,” he tweeted.

Kiyosaki, who predicted the collapse of Lehman Brothers in 2008, said he does not play the stock or bond markets himself, as he prefers “hands on control too much.”

Yeah, well. He predicted a bunch of other shit that didn’t happen also. If you just go around predicting collapses constantly, you’re going to be right some percentage of the time.

He did not detail why he expects stocks to plummet in his latest tweet. Earlier, however, he predicted that the US Federal Reserve would raise interest rates to rein in runaway prices, and warned that this in turn would cause stocks, bonds, real estate, and gold to crash.

He has so far been proven correct, as the country has faced its worst inflation in decades over the past several months, which prompted the Fed to implement a series of interest rate hikes. The rate is currently 5% to 5.25%, up from 0% in early 2022.

I understand the fed hikes, but believe they are retarded, and are going to destroy the domestic markets which underwrite the international markets. But maybe not, who knows. I’m not an economist, and I don’t really care. My main focus is on getting revenge against Jews.

But the economy – you know, nothing lasts forever.

So it can only last so long.

But doom predictions are retarded.

No one faces any consequences when the doom doesn’t happen, because they just say “oh, you just wait – it’s coming.”

Jim Kramer is more held to account than the doom prophecy people. At least you can pinpoint where Kramer is wrong all the time. Doom prophecy mongers can just keep kicking the can.

Of course, eventually they are going to have to be right.

But here’s my prophecy: the economic apocalypse is going to be tied to a military apocalypse.

Of course, a minor economic apocalypse, 2008 style, could happen before a brutal military defeat.

Kiyosaki is respected, I guess. But I don’t really give a shit about any of these people. I just follow Jim Kramer’s advice, and win big.