Due to the Increase in Material Abundance, Americans are Getting Poorer and Poorer

The Industrial Revolution and the series of technological revolutions that followed have created many benefits for mankind. For example, humans can now enjoy virtual reality pornography. They can also get tattoos and have food delivered to their homes.

Unfortunately, these technological advances have also had several negatives. Chief among the negatives is a drastic drop in the average quality of life, and a great increase in the amount of work that is needed to produce anything resembling a comfortable lifestyle.

Because of these technological advancements, which have made the production of material wealth so much easier, most young people will never be able to own their own homes.

The implementation of automation means that everyone simply has to work a lot harder. They have to work longer hours and continue to work well into old age, while dealing with a much lower standard of living.


Most Americans want to retire, but only half feel like they’re able to save for the future.

Many Americans who haven’t yet retired say they are unprepared for retirement, unsure how to prepare and unsure if they even want to fully retire, according to a new Axios-Ipsos poll.

One in 5 say they don’t think they will ever retire.

Just 36% of those 55 and older — nearing typical retirement age — say they’ll be able to retire at the time they expected.

30% of people still in the workforce plan to use a pension to help fund their future retirement, compared with 54% of retirees who say they’re using pension money.

On top of that, “roughly half the workforce, we’re talking 50 plus million people, work for an employer that doesn’t offer a retirement plan,” David John, a senior policy adviser at AARP, tells Axios. That could mean a small business or gig work.

While Americans say retirement is on their minds, they’re not likely to talk about it with others.

60% say they consider how they might be able to afford retirement often or sometimes, but 41% have never discussed saving for retirement with friends and 57% have never spoken about it with a financial planner.

Unfortunately, the only option people have is to get used to it.

Because technology continues to advance, making the production of mass material abundance easier and easier, everyone is going to have to continue to do with less, while they scramble to simply survive.

As technological development shows no sign of slowing, particularly with the development of AI, and more and more wealth is being created with less and less effort, First World people are expected to have to live like gutter-dwelling Indians crawling around in their own filth within the next decade.

Given the rapid rise in AI, and the drastic increase in material abundance, most Americans are expected to be living like this by the year 2030

Experts say that there is a direct correlation between a general increase in material abundance, and the former middle class dropping into abject poverty.

“It’s just a function of science,” said one expert. “The more wealth that exists, and the easier it is to create wealth, the poorer people get.”

In China, meanwhile, material abundance is leading to a boom in the middle class, with the average person getting wealthier each year.

However, experts explain, this is because Chinese people are communists, and allow wealth to be shared among the population. Because of our values in a democracy, we have to ensure that when new wealth is created, it remains in the hands of the ultra-rich. This ensures fairness, and does not allow grubby poor people to make demands against the people who rightfully rule over us.

In America, automation and technology means that the corporations who run the country need less and less labor, and that means people must compete more and more for the small scraps left on the table.

Soon, everything will be controlled by high technology, all of which is owned by the super-rich, and Americans will be left to starve. Experts and Republican politicians say that “Americans should be grateful we haven’t gotten there yet.”

Seriously Though

We are in an age of ultra-abundance.

There is zero reason anyone should be struggling – unless someone wants you to struggle.

The fact that people are poorer now than they were when technology was not anywhere near this advanced proves the entire point. The idea that people are now somehow getting poorer, as virtually all basic material production is being automated, shows that we are the victim of a conspiracy.

In China, they take the view that “a rising tide raises all ships,” so they are allowing the lower and middle classes to be raised up by what technology has done for the production of material wealth.

In America, the ultra-rich are hoarding wealth that actually has no real value to them – it is just zeros on a computer screen – for the explicit purpose of keeping wealth out of the hands of normal people so that they struggle to survive.

If everyone was not struggling to survive, the government would not be able to get away with what they are getting away with.

This is a conspiracy.