Unhinged Jewish Lunatic Blinken Hints at Support for Nigeria Invading Niger

Emo kike homo who literally became Secretary of State because he failed to become a rock star is now threatening to invade Africa because they are friends with Russia. Ask Roger Waters what he thinks about this kike quoting him in his yearbook, by the way. Please, ask Roger.

Look, this is a rules-based order.

It’s not a BASED order, where you can do whatever you please.

You can’t just run your government however you want.

You need explicit permission from the Jews, who are God’s chosen people, and therefore make all the rules.


The US has said it backs efforts to restore Niger’s “constitutional order” in the wake of a military uprising last month, after countries in the region said they would activate troops for a possible armed intervention.

In a statement published on Thursday, US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said Washington stands with the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) in calling on Niger’s military government to step down, stressing the need for political stability and “social cohesion.”

“We echo the ECOWAS condemnation of the illegal detention of President Mohamed Bazoum, his family, and members of the government, as well as the unacceptable conditions under which they are being held, and call for their immediate release,” the diplomat added, referring to Niger’s deposed head of state.

You echo them because you told them what to say, Jew.

Don’t even give me this bullshit that the Nigers in Nigeria give a shit about how the Nigers in Niger are running their coups. The only situation where a Niger cares how another Niger is running his coup is if he can steal land or resources – or if he’s being paid by Jews to care.

If someone believes that the people of Nigeria have a deeply held belief in Western-style democracy, they should frankly be pushed off a roof.

This Jew is telling you that not only do they believe in this, they are willing to die to force it on other people against their will.

I mean – how fake and retarded is this shit?

What are we even talking about here?

“African Democracy”?

When was the last coup in Nigeria, retard?

This is literally the natural form of power transition in Africa, and it has been for like, however many millions of years Africa has existed.

Guess, then click this link.

“Democracy returned” to Nigeria in 1999, according to Jews at the US State Department. Basically, that just means there hasn’t been an urge for a coup since then, because there’s been a lot of money flowing for various reasons – primarily 419 scams.

Regardless, it is just pure moronism to imagine you can have the “stable” government of Nigeria get involved in a war like the one these Jews are now planning and not have it turn into a free-for-all and a bloodbath.

Nigeria is a multi-ethnic state. (“Niger” is just the Latin word for black, in case you thought that “Niger” and “Nigeria” shared some ethnic connection like Germany and Switzerland or whatever.)

“Niger” is the name of the river in the region (“River of the Blacks”).

If you start telling Africans to bang the drums of war – in the current year, with the technology, with the Chinese and Russians involved on the other side, with all of the current dynamics of the world – you’re going to get a situation like you can’t even begin to imagine.

Just as one really obvious example: what is going to keep Biafra from declaring independence and forming some kind of alliance with Niger/Mali/Wagner/etc?

These retarded Jews like Blinken not only deny the reality of race, they just have no basic understanding of the world at all. They don’t read or attempt to grasp the dynamics of the world around them.

They watch CNN and they read the front page of the New York Times.

They don’t read the backpage of the Times, or they would understand that these niggas in Biafra have been finna pop-off for a minute.

These are no Henry Kissingers. They are in power purely because of nepotism. (Increasingly, we’re seeing this “Joker” type mentality, where “chaos is the goal,” but I think that is most likely just the way we are perceiving it, as these current Jews – Blinken and Nuland, in particular – are stupid and unhinged, respectively, and this “Joker Effect” is a perception.)

There are a bunch of other separatist movements in Nigeria. Then you have the fact that the military itself is probably in the mood for a coup.

This is all made worse by the fact that (current president) Tinubu is a fat bitch (who by the way just took power in May). (Former president) Buhari might have been able to hold down the fort to a better extent. Of course, Buhari was hated by the West because he was… threatening to kill Biafra insurgents.

So, I mean, basically: just imagine if every neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago was a country with a government. That’s what Africa is.

While Blinken added that US officials hoped ECOWAS would “explore all options for the peaceful resolution of the crisis,” his comments came just hours after the West African bloc said it would begin organizing military forces to restore Bazoum to power. The leader was overthrown last month by rebel military commanders, who have since placed him in detention and seized control of Niger’s government.

“No option is taken off the table, including the use of force as a last resort,” Nigerian President Bola Tinubu said earlier on Thursday, after hosting an ECOWAS meeting in Abuja. He added, “I hope that through our collective effort, we can bring about a peaceful resolution as a roadmap to restoring stability and democracy in Niger. All is not lost yet.”

It’s wild that the Jews don’t even put on a show of having a pretext anymore.

It’s not “weapons of mass destruction” anymore.

It’s not revenge for 911.

They just say outright “uh, yeah, we’re going to invade you because we don’t like how you’re running your country, and we’re the boss, because we’re Jewish. Citation: the Holocaust.”

A previous version of this article said that “Niger” is the French word for “Negro.” In fact, it is Latin, while in French, the word is “nègre.” I obviously would have known that if I was on a quiz show, but you know, you sometimes make these little mistakes when you’re pounding out 5,000 words a day.