British Faggots Cancel New Year’s Fireworks So as to Not Disturb a Walrus

What even is this?

The happiness of a walrus is more important than the joy of the British people?

I’m sorry, but that walrus can go to hell and/or stop whining.


The arrival of a huge walrus in the British port town of Scarborough on the North Sea thwarted the local authorities’ New Year celebration plans.

The huge mammal, nicknamed Thor, was seen resting in the harbor area on Friday and had previously been spotted on the beaches of Hampshire in early December, as well as in the Netherlands and France.

On Saturday, Scarborough Borough Council announced that it had decided to cancel the New Year’s Eve fireworks display on the advice of British Divers Marine Life Rescue (BDMLR). “There are concerns that the display could cause distress to the mammal,” it explained.

The council’s head Steve Siddons said he and the others were “disappointed” that the community had to be left without fireworks, but stressed that the well-being of the walrus came first, according to the Mirror.

There you have it, folks.

The walrus comes first.

Before the British people.

The sonovabitch was masturbating.

It seems everyone on earth comes before the British people – especially the Hohol apes who, as fact would have it, are not altogether dissimilar to walruses (walrii?).

What kind of thing has happened to Western man that he simply refuses to stand up not only for himself, but for his family?

If men were simply saying “everyone can go before me, including Hohols and a walrus” then that is weird, but okay. However, the fact that the men of the West are allowing their children to be robbed of their birthright takes this from “suicidal politeness” to pure cowardice.

If you can’t stand up against a walrus – a literal beast, that cannot talk or threaten you in any way – then there is zero chance you are going to stand up to humans.

Every man in Britain is Hugh Grant?

It’s an outrage.

I’m about to walk into Britain and force everyone to bow down and serve me.

They will have to listen – because I am the walrus.