British Government Threatens to Cut Funding for Universities Unless They Suppress Goyspeech

With its economy in freefall due to corona restrictions, the un-British government of Boris Kemal (AKA Johnson) has got its priorities straight. They’re focused on what really matters: suppressing criticism of Jews. Universities have been threatened with having their funding cut off unless they agree to adopt the Jews’ Working Definition of What Goyim Are Allowed To Say.

The Guardian:

The government has accused universities in England of ignoring antisemitism and ordered them to adopt an international definition before the end of the year or risk having funding cut off.

Gavin Williamson, the education secretary, said in a letter to vice-chancellors that it was “frankly disturbing” that so many universities had failed to adopt the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s working definition of antisemitism.

“The repugnant belief that antisemitism is somehow a less serious or more acceptable form of racism has taken insidious hold in some parts of British society, and I am quite clear that universities must play their part in rooting out this attitude and demonstrating that antisemitism is abhorrent,” Williamson said.

He noted that some universities had made progress. “However, there remain too many disturbing incidents of antisemitism on campus, from both students and staff, and a lack of willingness by too many universities to confront this.”

A freedom of information request by the Union of Jewish Students (UJS) found that only 29 out of 133 universities had adopted the IHRA definition, and 80 said they had no current plans to do so.

Universities have objected to adopting the definition on the principle of academic autonomy, and in other cases because of conflicts with freedom of speech requirements, which are also strongly backed by Williamson’s government.

A spokesperson for the UJS said Williamson’s letter was “a strong stand by the UK government against antisemitism and discrimination faced by Jewish students”.

Williamson said the Office for Students, the higher education regulator for England, could be asked to take regulatory action including suspending “funding streams” if universities failed to adopt the IHRA definition by the end of December.

“If I have not seen the overwhelming majority of institutions adopting the definition by Christmas then I will act,” Williamson wrote.

Williamson’s intervention comes at a difficult time for many universities struggling to cope with hundreds of students and staff infected with Covid-19, as well as preparing for the UK’s exit from the EU and its impact on recruitment and funding.

“When future historians look at the Covid-19 period, there will be complete mystification at what the Department for Education took to be a priority in the middle of the crisis,” said one university official.

The same government threatened to fine universities if they restricted speech, but apparently opposing Semitism doesn’t count as free speech.

The Working Definition of Antisemitism, dreamed up by Tel Aviv professor Dina Porat in the 1990s, has become the most visible symbol of the Jewish subjugation of the world. Its adoption represents a kind of “kiss the ring” moment. Any country or institution that refuses to adopt it marks itself out as a defier of Jewish power. And, of course, Jewish power then begins mobilizing against it, like some medieval king faced with a recalcitrant baron who refuses to perform homage.

The free speech of billions of people across the world is being restricted at the behest of 14 million Jews who rightly fear what the reaction would be if others found out what they were really like.

This Jewish campaign against the world’s speech is an attempt to reduce non-Jews to the status of animals; because what distinguishes human beings from animals most fundamentally is their ability to speak. By denying goyim the right to articulate their sense of what their own interests are or their moral vision of the world, Jews reduce us to the status of mute beasts. Not coincidentally, this vision of non-Jews as animals is exactly the one expressed in the Talmud. So by agitating against our right to speak, the Jews are realizing their Talmudic vision of Gentiles as a bestial class of sub-humans, devoid of moral entitlements, existing only to serve them.