British Jews Claim Protests Against Kosher Products will Lead Directly to Gas Chambers

Daily Stormer
August 19, 2014

After protests, British supermarkets are removing kosher products from shelves.  The next step?  Skin lampshades.
After protests, British supermarkets are removing kosher products from shelves. The next step? Skin lampshades.

You goyim appear to have forgotten – six hundred thousand trillion Jews were killed in chambers of gas by evil Aryans. You are now obligated, morally, to buy all Jewish products.

Saying you don’t want these products is just a thinly-veiled plot to gas all Jews with insect spray in wooden chambers of serious death.


A central London branch of a major UK supermarket emptied its kosher food shelf after its manager feared anti-Israeli protesters outside would attack the store, the grocery giant has confirmed.

Meats, cheeses and sauces were removed and placed into cool storage at a Sainsbury’s Local branch in Holborn as it was picketed by demonstrators calling on the grocer to boycott Israeli goods.

There followed uproar on social media as opponents of the move said many of the removed items were not actually from Israel. They also pointed out the distinction between Israeli exports and kosher dietary goods.

Get this Jew crap the hell out of here.
Get this Jew crap the hell out of here.

The Telegraph:

Protest groups targeting supermarkets over the sale of Israeli products risk importing Middle Eastern violence to British high streets, Jewish have leaders insisted.

In a joint statement the leaders of Britain’s main Jewish community organisations condemned a series of incidents at shops selling Israeli goods and kosher food accusing the organisers of intimidation and stirring up tensions.

They specifically challenged trades unions to distance themselves from the protests which prompted one branch of Sainsbury’s in central London temporarily to clear its shelves of kosher food amid fears that anti-Israel protesters were about to ransack the shop.

On Monday night the TUC spoke out against intimidation of shop workers and Usdaw, which represents retailers, said it supported its members in protecting their safety and their livelihoods.

It comes amid an upsurge of anti-Semitic incidents in Britain and other parts of Europe since the outbreak of fighting in Gaza this summer.

The Chief Rabbi, Ephraim Mirvis, and the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, are among religious leaders to have condemned anti-Semitic attacks in recent weeks.

In a joint intervention the Board of Deputies of British Jews, the elected body representing the British Jewish community, and Jewish Leadership Council (JLC), which includes the heads of Britain’s main Jewish organisations, said boycotts and intimidation were “especially troubling” for British Jews.

“The protesters behind this campaign have no interest in securing a just and lasting peace for Israelis and Palestinians and through such actions, risk importing the Middle East conflict to the UK, dividing local communities,” they said.

The statement adds: “The community calls on retailers not to discriminate against or boycott any goods, products or suppliers, which would give the message that violence and intimidation work – an especially troubling situation for Jewish people in the UK.”

Welby – what a surprise. He himself is a Jew, having weaselled his way into the church to further wreck Christianity. The Jews involve all of their cohorts in their presentations, always attempting to give the impression to the people that they have wide support from everyone.

The reality is, no one who has ever had to deal with these people on a one-on-one level likes them in the least, it is just now the world has seen their black soul in Gaza, and so even those without experience are aware of their nature.