British Media’s African Obsession

The British ruling class has a strange obsession with negroes.

As evidence, I cite Monday’s Daily Telegraph, the leading highbrow newspaper representing what passes for conservatism in Britain.

Today, the paper features three advertisements showing representations of human beings.

Here they are shown in collage form. (They did not appear like that in the original).

As you can see, every one of these advertisements features either a negro or a negress.

Sub-Saharan Africans comprise about 3% of the UK population. Since the Telegraph is pitched at the intelligent and “conservative” demographic, it can be safely assumed that they comprise much less than 3% of its readership. 0.3% strikes me as a more probable figure.

Yet the people represented in every single advertisement in the newspaper in one day are exclusively negroes. Something very strange is going on here.

Clearly someone wants to do their bit for “Diversity.” But, even so, it’s all still a bit strange, because there are a lot more Pakis in Britain than Africans.

Yet when a member of the British ruling class thinks, “Oh, I’ve got to get some diversity in here,” they go looking for negroes instead of Pakis.

Enoch Powell once noted that while joggers dominated the headlines, it was Pakis who were taking over the country.

Here are the great man’s exact words.