British Soldiers Photographed Giving ‘Nazi Salute’

Andrew Anglin
Daily Stormer
October 27, 2013

Sieg Heil!
Sieg Heil!

The media is going into cardiac arrest over a photograph which shows two UK servicemen throwing up the Roman salute.

John Mann, chairman of the Commons’ All Party Group Against Anti-Semitism, said it was “an insult to the memory of those who gave their lives to stop the Nazis,” and demanded the boys be sent to Auschwitz to ‘learn a lesson.’

Jeffrey Donaldson, MP of the Democratic Unionist Party, said “Anyone who would imitate a Nazi salute in front of the Union Flag or wearing the uniform dishonours these flags and the British Army. Any symbolism associated with fascism has no place in the Unionist tradition or any regiment of the British Army.”

The Ministry of Defense has sword to launch an investigation, and punish the evil Nazis, maybe even use the police to punish the evil Nazis for making this evil Nazi gesture – literally, this is the MoD statement:

Any personnel found to have fallen short of the Armed Forces’ values and standards will be dealt with by the chain of command and, if necessary, by the police.

Police action over a hand gesture. This is the freedom of anti-fascist democracy, that the British fought Hitler to defend.

Regrettably, these are likely not proud nationalists recognizing their sacred heritage, but merely young guys joking around. It has also been suggested that this could be a soccer-related salute.