British Surgeon Gives Testimony of Jewish War Crimes After Returning from Gaza

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A British Palestinian surgeon who spent weeks in the Gaza Strip during the current Israel-Hamas war as part of a Doctors Without Borders medical team said he has given testimony to a British war crimes investigation unit.

Ghassan Abu Sitta, a plastic surgeon specializing in conflict medicine, has volunteered with medical teams in multiple conflicts in Gaza, beginning as a medical student in the late 1980s during the the first Palestinian uprising. He has also worked in other conflict zones, including in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.

Abu Sitta crossed from Egypt into Gaza on Oct. 9, two days after the war began and remained in the besieged enclave for 43 days, working mainly in the al-Ahli and Shifa hospitals in northern Gaza.

Ghassan Abu Sitta

Abu Sitta told The Associated Press in an interview during a visit to the Institute for Palestine Studies in Beirut on Saturday that the intensity of other conflicts he experienced and the war in Gaza is like “the difference between a flood and a tsunami.” Apart from the staggering numbers of killed and injured, he said, the health system itself has been targeted and destroyed in Gaza.

“The worst thing was initially the running out of morphine and proper strong analgesics and then later on running out of anesthetic medication, which meant that you would have to do painful procedures with no anesthetic,” Abu Sitta said.

He said that when he returned to the UK, he was asked by the war crimes unit at the Metropolitan Police to give evidence in a possible war crimes investigation, and did so.

The police had issued a call for people returning from Israel or the Palestinian territories who “have witnessed or been a victim of terrorism, war crimes or crimes against humanity” to come forward.

Abu Sitta said much of his testimony related to attacks on health facilities.

Abu Sitta said while in Gaza he also treated patients who had burn wounds consistent with white phosphorus shelling, which he had also seen during the 2009 war.

Yeah, no one is saying it really, but it’s not just the poison gas Israel is using. All of Gaza is breathing massive amounts of particulate matter, and they’re all going to die of cancer, a la 9/11 first responders.

WTC had asbestos, but Gazans are breathing a lot more crap than the 9/11 first responders breathed.

Whether or not Willie Pete is a chemical weapon is debated… it’s in theory used to light up a battlefield at night, which Israel doesn’t need to do. I don’t know why tracer ammunitions would be needed either. So it’s probably being purposefully used as a poison gas, I would assume.

That said, it’s sort of an over-hyped poison gas.

Most Gazans are being killed with normal bombs.