By Hook or by Crook, The US Will Create a Pretext for Open War with Russia

The thing about the Ukraine conflict is that Russia has not gotten caught in a lie. People have said that they’ve lied, but thus far, there is no single lie they’ve gotten caught telling. Smug leftists claimed that it was very silly for Russia to claim that Hunter Biden was running biolabs in the Ukraine, but Victoria Nuland admitted that this is at least half true.

Maybe Russia did lie about something. I don’t know. I don’t work for the Russian government, so I have no reason not to say it if I think they’ve lied. But it’s simply a matter of fact that if they have told a lie, it hasn’t been exposed. You would think that they might lie about their casualties, but even when the US/Ukraine is saying this constantly, they’ve provided no compelling evidence that Russia’s stated numbers are inaccurate.

Meanwhile, basically everything the Hohols have said has been a lie. They get exposed for multiple lies weekly, many of which are so ridiculous you can’t even believe they said it (“Russia is shelling their own nuclear power plant, we are only shelling in the parking lot to stop the Russians who are there shelling the plant they are operating”).

Given this very obvious dynamic, the people in the area, even if they support the Kiev Jew terrorist neo-Nazi government, are more likely to believe the Russians about something of serious consequence. When Moscow and Kiev are both accusing the other of developing a dirty bomb false flag, everyone in the Ukraine who knows anything at all knows which party is telling the truth.

It’s an “I know you’re a liar because I lie for you” situation.


Kiev might be shelving its alleged ‘dirty bomb’ program after Russia exposed it, Moscow’s deputy permanent representative to the UN, Dmitry Polyansky, claimed on Tuesday. He added that Ukraine may well have time to do this before the upcoming nuclear inspection. 

Over the last few days, Russian officials, including Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu, have been accusing Kiev of preparing a false-flag attack with the use of a ‘dirty bomb’, a device combining conventional explosives with radioactive material. Ukraine has categorically denied Moscow’s claims. 

If you read the Ukrainian Telegram channels, you would see that there is a lot of fuss in the Ukrainian ruling circles now because of the campaign that we have started to launch, and there are many signs that they are trying to sort of wind down this program,” Polyansky said, as quoted by RIA Novosti.

In his opinion, Ukraine has enough time to scale back the ‘dirty bomb’ plans before the upcoming visit of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) inspectors.

“They can come, but I am telling you that a ‘dirty bomb’ is not a very complex device,” Polyansky explained, adding that there is no guarantee that Kiev will not resume its alleged activity after the inspectors depart.

At the same time, the official claimed that the danger of Kiev using a ‘dirty bomb’ remains “very high,” and that Ukraine “has the opportunity” and “has every reason to use it.”

Earlier on Tuesday, in a letter to UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres, the Russian mission’s head, Vassily Nebenzia, said that Moscow would consider the use of a ‘dirty bomb’ by Ukraine “an act of nuclear terrorism.” 

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba earlier called the Russian allegations “as absurd as they are dangerous.”  He also noted that “Russians often accuse others of what they plan themselves.”  

Western governments also backed up the claims by Kiev, issuing “I know you are but what am I?” type statements, which basically proves Moscow is telling the truth. Accusing Moscow of planning a dirty bomb is necessary for the false flag narrative to work.

There is a narrative already that anything bad that happens in the Ukraine is done by Russia. Remember when they were claiming that Russia was assassinating Western journalists outside Kiev, where there were literally zero Russian troops? Remember when the Hohols blew that Fox News journalist’s legs off at a Ukraine checkpoint and they just sort of vaguely implied Russia did it somehow? Like, Russia was camping with snipers deep behind enemy lines with the exclusive mission of killing and maiming Western journalists?

If they can get away with that, they can get away with anything. I was shocked that the guy who got his legs blown off allowed them to say this, but he never came out and complained. These shills will give their body parts to the Jews.

If you turn on the TV, it is nonstop accusations that Russia is planning to nuke the Ukraine. They cite Putin’s statements about nuclear weapons – which he’s been making for years on end – which are actually threats to America and Europe, not the Ukraine.

If Putin wanted to escalate in the Ukraine, he could simply use normal bombs. We’ve seen in the last weeks that Russia can ravage Kiev, and has the total ability to shut the power off across the Western Ukraine at will. There is no reason to use a nuke in the Ukraine. There is a reason to nuke Washington and/or Berlin, and that’s what the threats are explicitly about, but the media makes it about the Ukraine because they are building a narrative for this false flag.

It’s a nonstop narrative. Joe Biden just made a statement on Tuesday about the Russian plan to “deploy a tactical nuke” in the Ukraine.

The UN doesn’t care if the Ukraine detonates a nuclear bomb. People linked to the UN support this as it’s a reason to escalate and ultimately wipe out Russia so that the UN can enforce their child mutilation/weather-changer/bug-eater agenda across the entire globe.

The people in Kiev, however, have a dog in this fight. So they’re likely to complain on Telegram. The control Kiev has over their own goyim is limited, so if they see an uprising, they’re going to back down.

In the long term, however, this does not matter. It seems probable that this entire “dirty bomb” thing was designed to provide a pretext for American troops to enter the Ukraine after the midterm elections next month. But if this hoax gets quashed, they will just do another hoax. The US can do hoaxes faster than Russia can debunk them.

It’s in some ways a fool’s errand to try to prevent this. The United States is a democracy, so the population has no ability to influence the government in any way, no ability to petition grievances. The government can and will do whatever it wants. The pretext for an invasion doesn’t have to be anything so spectacular as a dirty bomb false flag hoax. The media could claim that a much lower-scale hoax, like that time the Ukraine blew up a theatre full of civilians and said Russia did it, could justify US troops going in.

(That was proved 100% to be a false flag by the Ukraine, by the way – the media just totally dropped it after several prominent Substack journalists demolished the media narrative.)

Remember, whatever the pretext is, by the time they announce it, US troops will already be doing operations in the country. One some level, they already are – the US is deploying PMCs, and they are apparently encouraging people to leave the Marines and join these PMC groups to go fight in the Ukraine. There could also be entire units operating in the Ukraine. You would not know if they got in trucks and crossed the Polish border. By the time they tell you, it will be too late to complain.

It is absurdly obvious that things are going in this direction. Possibly even more than they need a war to defeat Russia, they need a war to crush dissent on the domestic front. You should be ready for this. Don’t worry about it, don’t freak out, but understand that every single sign we can see shows that the US is in the process of setting the stage for a full-on war with Russia, first inside the Ukraine, and then elsewhere.

Just be aware. It’s not going to happen tomorrow. But at this point, unless something very serious changes, it will happen. That is to say: it is very obviously the current plan, so you would need a very serious thing to change in order for it to stop being the plan. This is going to affect your life, so you need to be aware and be prepared however you can be.