California: Blacks Get Their Own Separate Amber Alert Because They’re Special

I’d had just about enough of people thinking that missing white kids are as important as missing poor kids.

CBS News:

California Governor Gavin Newsom has signed a new law that can help track down young people of color who have disappeared.

Amber Alerts have been around for two decades. Since that time, more than 370 children and at-risk individuals have been located. However, some critics say African Americans are often overlooked by the notification system.

“You see the difference of when White girls go missing and Black girls go missing,” said Berry Accius, the founder of Voice of the Youth. “The sense of urgency is not there.”

The sense of urgency isn’t there because the media isn’t talking about it.

And the reason the media isn’t talking about it is that when a black girl is missing, it’s virtually always because a black man is to blame.

You keep hearing about “missing white woman syndrome,” but in reality it’s just “we’re reasonably certain the murderer/kidnapper/whatever in this case isn’t black syndrome,” which is part of the decades-long conspiracy by the Jew-owned media to hide the fact that most violent crime in America is committed by blacks.

“African Americans, whether they are children or young adults, are often listed as runaways,” said California Senator Steven Bradford (D-Gardena).

Sen. Bradford is the author of a new law that creates Ebony Alerts for a community disproportionately impacted by missing youth.

I can’t believe they’re calling this shit “ebony alerts.”

Isn’t that embarrassing to anyone?

“African American young individuals make up almost 40% of those individuals who come up missing,” he said.

“It’s going to put significant change in how we react, how we respond,” Accius said.

And they’re going to react faster and otherwise differently because black people are more important? That’s what they’re saying?