California to Allow Mexicans to Cross Border and Get Community College Tuition

California is going to take revenge on these Mexicans by making them even dumber!

Brilliant scheme!

I couldn’t have thought of something more diabolical myself!

New York Post:

Low-income Mexican students living near the US border can now cross over and attend certain community colleges in California at in-state tuition rates under a new law signed by Gov. Gavin Newsom.

The legislation, signed by the Democratic governor on Friday, applies to low-income Mexican residents who live within 45 miles of the California-Mexico border and want to attend one of the participating community colleges in the southern part of the Golden State.

Students involved in the pilot program, which is set to kick off next year and run until 2029, have to either be US or Mexican citizens with a required visa.

The current average California community college tuition per year is $1,246 for in-state students and $6,603 for those from out-of-state.

The new law making college costs considerably cheaper for Mexico residents will help make education more accessible for those low-income students and prepare them for jobs, California State Assemblymember David Alvarez, who authored the proposal, said.

Mark Sanchez, who is president of the Southwestern College in Chula Vista, Calif. — about seven miles from the Mexico border, said many of his students split their time between the two countries.

Without this pilot, we risk everything in terms of loss of talent,” he said.

Hahah, yeah.

Lost talent.

The Mexican education system is actually much better than the Californian one, so I guess they are appealing to drop-outs.

The greatest of all talent: people who failed out of Mexican university.