California: Female Teacher Arrested for Teaching While Drunk

Wendy Munson

If I was ever at a job interview and the interviewer was like “and this is a job where you are not allowed to be drunk while working,” I’d be like “let me stop you right there – I’m out.”

What was this bitch thinking?

New York Post:

A second-grade teacher in California was arrested for allegedly driving to school drunk and teaching students while her blood-alcohol level was still more than twice the legal limit, police said.

Wendy Munson, 57, was in the middle of teaching students at the Nuestro Elementary School on Monday when Sutter County Sheriff’s deputies showed up at 8:20 a.m. to arrest her, CBS 13 reports.

Deputies said they were called to the school about a staff member allegedly being under the influence. Munson then failed a sobriety test.

There was also footage of the teacher driving to school in her inebriated state, the sheriff’s office said.

Officials noted that even after two hours passed from when deputies first approached Munson, her blood-alcohol level remained above twice the legal limit.

Who knew that you weren’t allowed to be drunk while being a school teacher? What difference does it make? Kids are basically retards. All you’re doing is standing at the front of the room yelling at them to sit down and read their books. If anything, this is a job where being drunk would drastically increase performance.

There are too many damn rules in this country. You can stick your penis in whatever holes you want (as long as it’s a man’s), but you’re not even allowed to be drunk while doing the most mindless possible jobs. In America, you’re literally not even allowed to drive a car while you’re drunk.

It’s a police state.

Elvis Dunderhoff contributed to this article.