Aggro Fat Bitch Sentenced to Liferuining for Yelling at People on a Train

The video is funny.

It is, as one person heard in the video comments, “women in 2023.”

The fat drunken whore is called Brianna Pinnix. Pinnix, 30, yelled at some German tourists on an NYC-Jersey train, and she was fired from her job, and had her fatty face blasted everywhere.

She’s at the top of the New York Post right now.

Her job, which is apparently a good job, said that they disavow “Xenophobia.” She was accused of “Xenophobia” because she told the Germans to “go back to their country.”

I don’t think women should work at all, I certainly don’t think they should be talking in public. But to single this bitch out is cruel. She is drunk and made a scene. She commented “go back to your country” because they had accents – what else was she going to say? She couldn’t call them fat. They could have called her that and didn’t. But she couldn’t have called them that. If you’re in a verbal argument, and you’re drunk, you think of some insult.

She didn’t insult them because she is “racist against Germans.” I can tell you that. She insulted them because:

  • Women are liberated and think they can do anything they want anywhere for any reason
  • She was drunk
  • They laughed at her or she imagined that they did

Calling her “racist” is stupid and weird.

I can tell by looking at those German guys that they wouldn’t want her life ruined. They would say “that fat bitch was just drunk and stupid, no one got hurt – leave that stupid whore alone guys, jeez.”

Everyone is so serious all the time, even though nothing about this society is serious at all. It’s like some kind of weird overcompensation. When society was serious, men would have seen this video and giggled. No one would be trying to ruin the bitch’s life.

Carbs ruined this bitch’s life already.

Let it go.