Women Complain That “Non-Binary” Men at Jobs Fair Were Not Real Trannies

Finally, we have an example of what I’ve been saying from the beginning: you don’t have to prove you are a tranny. All you have to do is say that you’re a tranny.

For as long as those rules exist, men should be exploiting the rules for personal and political benefit, and because it’s funny. Women have destroyed all men’s spaces, and then claimed that they somehow have a right to their own spaces, even while they say everyone is equal.

There are no jobs fairs for men only.

You can take these jobs. If they ask you why you’re a tranny, just say “I just feel that way inside.” You don’t have to claim to suck dick.

This can benefit you personally. You can get jobs, you can go into a women’s locker room and jack off. However, what we want is to escalate the conflict between women and trannies.

New York Post:

Attendees of the largest gathering of women seeking careers in STEM fields are livid after scores of men invaded the tech job fair — because they allegedly lied about being non-binary.

Videos across social media showed men racing to meet with potential recruiters at the annual Grace Hopper Celebration event held in Orlando between Sept. 26 to 29 — a job fair specifically aimed at helping women and nonbinary technologists.

The female attendees, some of whom paid about $1,300 per ticket for a chance to network with recruiters, have blasted the cisgender men for skipping all the panels and seminars in order to beat the women to the recruiting lines.

While cisgendered men are not prohibited from attending the event, as they have done so in previous years, AnitaB, the company that organized the seminar, said the men came out in higher numbers this year by skirting the rules.

“Yesterday, it became clear that there are a far greater number of cisgender men attending than we anticipated,” AnitaB Chief Impact Officer Cullen White said in a statement.

“Simply put, some of you lied when you registered. And as evidenced by the stacks and stacks of resumes you’re passing out, you did so because you thought you could come here and take space to try and get a job,” he added.

White noted that the cisgendered men also took discounted academic tickets for the event, as well as interview slots that were supposed to go to women and actual non-binary attendees, who remain minorities in STEM fields.

“So, let me be perfectly clear: Stop,” White told the men.

As more and more men claim to be trannies for advantage (because seriously – why wouldn’t you?), women are going to start calling for rules by which to define trannies.

If/when women succeed in demanding rules, then we need to start targeting trannies and claiming they’re not real trannies, and encourage women to get really aggressive about this issue.

But right now, just look for any women only places and go there, dressed and acting normally, and say you’re a tranny. Or you can say “non-binary.” No one even knows what that means.

I still understand nothing