California has Biggest Cancel Culture in Country, Survey Finds

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New York Post:

Residents of California — home to Hollywood — lead the nation in “cancelling” celebrities, according to an obscure new study that gauged Americans’ social media interactions with stars mired in controversy.

Nationwide, 52.3% of Americans said they would unfollow a canceled celebrity on social media, but those living in the Golden State topped the average at 59%, according to a recent survey conducted by

California had the highest cancel culture score at 100.

The scores, ranked from 0-100, were weighted on respondents’ willingness to unfollow a “canceled” celebrity, likelihood of deriding them on social media and how long it would take them to refollow.

The main reason the more than 2,000 Americans surveyed in August said they would unfollow a celebrity is for “inappropriate social media actions,” according to the study.

Leading the country in perpetuating cancel culture behind California was Kentucky, which scored a 99 on the survey’s weighted scale.



I guess maybe they feel like they’ve got something to prove.

How gross.