California Parents in Legal Battle Over Right to Know If School Turned Kids Into Trannies

You first have people denying the thing is happening. Then they say the scale is exaggerated. Then they say it’s not that big of a deal, and anyway, you can opt out.

Then you find out, you actually can’t opt out.

The process takes around 2-3 years now, between the introduction of the thing and the harrowing realization by the boomer and boomerish conservative masses that the thing is being forced on them against their will.

The next big thing is going to be the harrowing realization that the government will steal your kids if you push back when you find out that your kids have secretly been turned into trannies by the government. I’m not really seeing anyone other than me talking about this, and it is already happening on a significant scale. I think it will be at least another 18 months before it sets in that this is happening, and by then it will be so normalized and standard no one will be able to do anything to prevent it.

The time to push back on these things is always “before the mainstream media informs you that [the thing] is being forced on you.”

Of course, mainstream conservatives won’t even say “transgenderism doesn’t exist.” Go back and look at the way Fox News and Breitbart were celebrating Bruce Jenner and acting like he was going to become governor of California and that this was a good thing because… he’s for low taxes and he’s against cancel culture.

New York Post:

Coming to a school board near you: a battle over whether parents have the right to know if their child is identifying as transgender at school.

The fight has now spread to two coasts.

As a legal battle rages in New Jersey over parental rights to know if their child is identifying as transgender in school, a nearly identical scenario is playing out just outside Los Angeles.

It appears certain to be followed by many more, as school boards and districts which want parents to be informed that a child is identifying as transgender face off with state authorities — usually Democrats — who want the opposite.

In the latest case, California Attorney General Rob Bonta, a Democrat, is suing to block Chino Valley Unified School District’s policy to inform parents if their child socially transitions.

California Attorney General Rob Bonta

The policy, which was passed in July by a vote of 4 to 1, requires employees to notify parents if their children ask to use a different name or pronoun or seek to use bathrooms and programs that don’t align with their birth gender while at school.

In a press conference, Bonta called the policy, “forced outing” adding that it compels the school to tell the parents, “even if the student doesn’t grant them permission to do so.

“And it goes against their expressed wishes, even if the school staff member thinks they may be putting the student in danger,” said, adding that it violated “the privacy rights of LGBTQ+ students.”

But parents who spoke to The Post said there are already child welfare safeguards in place — and the state is targeting Chino to scare off other California districts who have already adopted similar policies or are considering them.

Chino school district, just east of Los Angeles County, includes three towns — Chino, Chino Hills and parts of Ontario — and has more than 26,000 students from K to 12.

I can’t fathom the idea of not wanting to tell parents what is going on with their children,” Nicole Vicario told The Post. “To put it in kids’ heads that that you don’t have to tell parents things? It’s causing a wedge between students and parents. But we want strong relationships in families.”

The mother of eight who grew up in Chino has three children still in the district and up until recently, she worked there as a school secretary for 12 years.

She noted that school employees are already mandated reporters, meaning they have to tell the state’s child protective services if children are in danger at home.

Sonia Singh (left) and Nicole Vicario

“If a kid says ‘I don’t feel safe at home,’ we have to file a report. There’s already protections in place for kids who feel like they are in danger at home,” said Vicario.

Sonia Singh, whose 10-year-old son attends school in the district said she feels the state’s lawsuit is counter to every rule already in place.

My kid bumped his head with another kid on the basketball court during recess. I got a call immediately saying, ‘he says he’s fine and he’s ready to go back to class, but I have to notify you’,” said Singh. “But if my child says he’s a girl, I can’t know. This makes zero sense.”

Sonja Shaw, a fitness trainer and mother of two teens, said she and other parents felt ignored by the previous school board as they asked questions and sought accountability.

It spurred the political newbie to run for the board.

She defeated an incumbent, attorney Christina Gagnier, and became board president in January.

Shaw said the adoption of the new policy was simple. “It was the first time in many years that our district did something that parents were voicing support for.”

Sonja Shaw

During the packed July meeting when the vote took place, Vacario called the atmosphere “tense” but stepped up to the microphone, saying, “We are no longer allowing the village to raise our children,” as applause broke out.

Vicario said that as a school secretary she had had a front row seat to some of the ways the schools were blocking out parents, including training sessions on dealing with transgender students.

“If they were identifying as a different name, there was a space in the system that said, “alias’,” she said.

She recalled speaking to a mother of one such kid and mistakenly calling the student by their school ‘alias’ but correcting herself when she realized she was reading the wrong box.

“It felt duplicitous. It made me feel a little loony myself,” she said.

You may, in fact, be a little loony.

I cannot imagine being such a failure as a parent that I am sending my kids to a public school in the current year and just hoping for the best.

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