Canada: Another Scientist Says Government Shut Down Investigation on Mystery Brain Illness

Previously: Top Canadian Scientist Says Authorities Trying to Hide New Mystery Brain Disease

We’ve got a lot of problems, mate.

All kinds of things are going very wrong.

It’s easy to blame them all on the vax, and that is probably what is responsible for most of the “all of a sudden” conditions.

We’re also swimming in poisonous chemicals, and the amount of poisonous chemicals in the environment has increased exponentially with the “green” agenda, which has to do with the mass manufacturing of all of these toxic “forever chemicals” in order to build technologies that will allegedly change the weather.

Who’s reposting this again? Is it the New York Times? The Washington Post? The New York Post? ABC News? NBC News? The Los Angeles Times? The Chicago Tribune? The BBC? The BCC?


Only one outlet reports this shit.

The Guardian:

A senior Canadian federal scientist has alleged that the government shut down an investigation into a mystery brain illness in New Brunswick that he believes may have affected 350 people.

He is the second federal scientist to accuse the government of deliberately halting the investigation and to say that the caseload is higher than the government has acknowledged.

Health officials in the eastern province first said in 2021 that 40 people were suffering from an unexplained neurological condition. A year later, a committee assembled by the province determined that the patients probably had been misdiagnosed and were suffering from other diseases.

In a leaked email seen by the Guardian, Prof Samuel Weiss, a neuroscientist working for the Canadian federal agency responsible for funding medical research, wrote that the government had deliberately curtailed the search for an explanation.’

Weiss, huh?

“In the spring of 2021, I felt incredibly optimistic that an all of government effort to unravel the mystery was in the cards. However, in short order, the scientific effort was shut down at the request of the [federal and provincial] Governments,” Weiss wrote in the email sent in May.

“I don’t think it is helpful to suggest or point to who or why – suffice to say that we were prepared to marshal both financial and human scientific resources to tackle the mystery, but they were declined.”

It is not clear to whom the email was sent. It concluded with Weiss offering a heartfelt apology. “All I can offer is my sincere apologies for our poor response to the mystery illness – and my hope that you don’t suffer too much. You and the 350 others affected deserve so much more.”

Weiss is the scientific director of the Institute of Neuroscience, Mental Health and Addiction at the Canadian Institutes of Health Research and a member of the Canadian Medical Hall of Fame for his research in neurogenesis, the process by which neurons are generated in the brain, which has pioneered avenues for treatment of several degenerative brain diseases including Parkinson’s, Alzheimer’s and multiple sclerosis.

The Guardian has reported previously that 1,000 pages of internal documents obtained by freedom of information requests showed that early on in the investigation the province’s department of environment and public health units began eagerly exploring the possibility of environmental causes alongside their federal counterparts. But by mid-2021, New Brunswick appeared to have halted the probe with little explanation.

Only The Guardian reports it.

No one can explain why.

No other major media outlet has any interest at all in these chronic and deadly health problems that are caused by exposure to deadly industrial chemicals.

Instead, all they talk about is cow farts changing the weather.